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Dibbs Analyzes OpenSea Collection Data; Uncovers 64 Percent of NFTs Today Have Two or More Utilities

Dibbs Analyzes OpenSea Collection Data; Uncovers 64 Percent of NFTs Today Have Two or More Utilities

While profile picture (PFP) collections have dominated trading volumes for OpenSea’s top 100 collections of all time, content-based collections show the most recent growth

Dibbs, the world’s onramp to Web3, announced a set of NFT utility data and insights after comparing trading volumes from OpenSea’s top 100 collections of all-time with those over a 30 day period in Q4. Analyzing each collection to determine how utility types are evolving, the data uncovered a growing interest in NFT utility types beyond PFPs, particularly content, events, and rewards distribution.

Today, content is the fastest-growing utility for NFTs. Sixty four percent of NFTs have two or more utilities, making up 73 percent of all trading volumes. As seen by the growing popularity of utilities beyond PFPs, this data signifies that NFT collections with multiple utilities trade at higher values and faster rates than collections with only one utility—which make up just 28 percent of trading volume. The data suggests that future collections must offer multiple utilities to keep pace with competition.

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Other interesting findings include a rising interest in NFTs that have both physical and digital utilities. Over the recent period analyzed, more than 25 percent of NFT sales volumes have been for collections with both physical and digital utilities, compared to 14 percent of all time sales. These insights align with a recent NFT Sentiment Report conducted by Dibbs using its own marketplace data that found that 84 percent of NFT adopters would purchase NFTs if they were redeemable for physical items.

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“Many people think of NFTs as a one-hit-wonder, with value only having been present in PFPs or other digital content-related opportunities, but in fact the NFT market is dynamic and fascinating in terms of the utilities that are possible, and emerging. It’s more essential than ever to fully understand the key drivers and trends that are having the most impact on NFT sales and trading,” said Ben Plomion, Chief Marketing Officer, Dibbs. “OpenSea’s data supports that real-world use cases for NFTs are emerging and that overall sentiment toward the market is improving as consumers see more NFT relevance and utility in both the physical and digital worlds. We’ve also seen similar trends across our platform, and look forward to seeing more utilities unfold alongside the progression of Web3 and the metaverse.”

As part of Dibbs’ analysis, the company was able to identify ten discrete NFT utilities including: content, event access, merchandise, real estate, custom content, art, PFP, voting, gaming, and rewards.

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