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Panoramix Still the One

Panoramix Increases Flexibility of its Advisory Billing Systems

Innovative performance reporting and billing technology system earns top rating second year in a row

For the second straight year, Panoramix places first in overall customer satisfaction for financial advisor portfolio management tools in the annual Technology Tools for Today (T3) Survey. The 2020 survey compiled responses from over 5100 financial advisors for several categories. In the portfolio management area, Panoramix, produced by Sapphire Software Services, Inc., received a whopping 8.84, increasing its winning score from its 2019 8.22, and besting 22 competitors by an average of 2.13 points.

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“We are really excited about our customer satisfaction rating as it validates our approach to our company and FinTech,” said Chris Hastings, CEO of Sapphire. “We prefer the best of breed approach vs an all in one solution. As such, we focus on billing and performance, and strive to provide the best billing and performance solution, both in terms of support and features, for the best price possible. Rather than trying to be all things to everyone, we focus on what we are great at, and integrate with anyone else to take advantage of what they are great at.”

“Panoramix…users appear to be raving fans,” according to the survey results release by Joel Bruckenstein and Bob Veres. “We believe that a rating of 7.0 or above represents a high degree of satisfaction, and any figure above 8.0 represents raving fans,” the survey publication states. The Panoramix rating “is among the highest in the entire survey and is actually an increase over an excellent 8.22 rating last year,” which also placed first in the category.

“As a small privately owned company, we have the luxury to focus on our product and our service without the external bottom line pressures that can come from investors or shareholders,” said Hastings. “While we are certainly all for increasing our market share, we are cautious not to do so at the expense of the service we provide to our customers.”

“We feel that our number one customer satisfaction rating demonstrates our commitment to our clients and confirms our approach to Panoramix,” Hasting said. “We could not be happier.”

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