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10 Tech Trends In 2023 You Must Be Ready For


Each passing year contributes immensely to the global tech industry, so the industry seems interested to know what new trends it must follow. 2023 is blinking around the corner, so let’s cover the emerging tech trends that shall be shaping our digital domain for the upcoming year. Below are 10 key points for 2023 and ahead.

1. Artificial Turns Real

In the year 2023, artificial shall become real in organizations in terms of intelligence. Its easy drag-and-drop interfaces with no-code AI shall enable businesses to leverage its power for creating advanced forms of intelligent services. Contactless shopping will prove to be a huge trend in 2023. AI will make it easier for clients to pay and shop. AI will also augment almost every job in every business domain across sectors. The complex inventory management processes now can easily be automated by retailers and trends like buy-online-pickup-at-curbside (BOPAC), buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS), and buy-online-return-in-store (BORIS), will become a benchmark. The engine behind the newest autonomous delivery initiatives will be AI which shall pilot more retailers for the needed circumstances.

2. Metaverse Becomes The Reality

It has become an immersive concept, where we’ll be able to work, play, and socialize on a persistent platform. According to the predicted market statistics, the metaverse shall be adding $5 trillion to the global economy by 2030, and by 2023 the direction of the metaverse for the next decade shall be outlined. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology will be in an advanced stage. Companies are using metaverse like AR and VR to conduct training and onboarding, and this trend will accelerate in 2023. Microsoft and Nvidia are developing metaverse platforms to collaborate on digital projects while consulting giant Accenture has already created a metaverse environment called the Nth Floor.

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3. Web3 Maturing

We can see blockchain technology and Web 3.0 maturing in 2023 as companies embrace more decentralized products. Since our data gets stored in the cloud, if we opt for decentralization then along with our enhanced data security we shall be able to analyze it by new methods. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will become more usable and practical in the new year.

4. Bridging The Gap Between Digital And Real World  

We’re already seeing an emerging bridge between the digital and physical worlds, and this trend will continue in 2023. There are two components of this merger: digital twin technology and 3D printing. In 2023, we’ll see more digital twins, from factories to machinery to the healthcare domain. We can quote Formula 1 teams which collect data transmitted via sensors and race track temperatures and weather conditions, to analyze how cars change during races. Then they can stream such data from the sensors to digital twins of the engines and car components to run scenarios to make design changes on the fly. The teams can 3D print car parts on the basis of analysis.

5. Increasingly Editable Nature  

Nanotechnology will enable us to produce materials with new features, such as water resistance and self-healing capabilities. Gene editing works a bit like word processing, where you can take some words out and add others in but you can do it with genes. Gene editing can be used to rectify DNA mutations, solve the problem of food allergies, increase crop health, and edit human features like eye or hair color.

6. Quantum computing

Right now, there is a worldwide race to develop quantum computing at scale. Quantum computing, which uses subatomic particles to create new ways to process and store data, is a technological leap that’s expected to bring computers capable to operate a trillion times faster. But a problem might turn up that it could render the current encryption practices useless. This is a trend to watch for in 2023 as countries like the US, the UK, China, and Russia are pouring money to develop such.

7. Green Technology  

The climate crisis is one burning issue we can tackle in 2023 by looking for continued progress around green hydrogen. Two major European energy companies-Shell and RWE, are creating the first major green pipeline from wind plants in the North Sea. Right now, our energy system is dominated by huge gas and energy entities, but decentralized energy initiatives have the potential to democratize power worldwide while decreasing carbon emissions.

8. Robots Becoming Humanoids

In 2023, robots will become like humans both in appearance and capability. These robots will be used in the real world for various domains. They can also perform complex tasks for logistics or production or at our homes. At Tesla AI Day in September 2022, Elon Musk revealed two Optimus humanoid robot prototypes and said the company will be ready to take orders by 2027.

9. Progress In Autonomous System  

In 2023, we’ll see even more self-driving trucks and ships, as well as delivery robots. A British online supermarket -Ocado, describes itself as “the world’s largest dedicated online grocery retailer,” which uses thousands of autonomous robots in its highly automated warehouses to sort, lift, and move groceries.

10. More Sustainable Technology  

In 2023, we’ll see a push toward more sustainable technology. Many of us are addicted to technology like smartphones, tablets, and PC — but where are the components coming from to manufacture our favorite gadgets? People will be thinking more about where rare earth components for things like computer chips come from. We are using cloud services like Netflix and Spotify, which consume vast amounts of energy and which still run in huge data centers. In 2023, we’ll see a continued push toward making logistics highly transparent, backed by more sustainable technology.

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