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LinkLive and Kasisto Partner to Deliver Market Defining AI-Assisted Customer Experiences

LinkLive and Kasisto Partner to Deliver Market Defining AI-Assisted Customer Experiences

 Two customer engagement platforms combine their AI capabilities to deliver differentiated customer and agent experiences for banks and credit unions

This week at the 2022 NCR Innovation Conference, LinkLive, a customer engagement platform (CEP) provider for security-focused and regulated U.S. industries, and Kasisto, creator of KAI, a digital experience platform for the financial services industry, announced a new integration which empowers financial institutions to provide personalized customer engagements across channels, devices and financial products.

“We’re excited to partner with LinkLive to inspire real customer engagement and set a new bar for AI-assisted human experience and customer care.”

LinkLive, used by more than 600 banks and credit unions, offers digital customer service features that automate engagement while driving deep human connectivity. By partnering with KAI’s industry-leading conversational AI and branded digital bankers, LinkLive offers innovation to modern financial institutions to create memorable customer experiences that engage financial customers and deliver a differentiated digital banking experience.

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The potential annual value of AI and analytics for global banking could reach as high as $1 trillion, according to a 2021 McKinsey study. Banks that act now to develop productive AI-assisted channels will be the winners.

KAI’s conversational AI customers currently experience a four-fold increase in engagement, and early adopters demonstrate significant top-line growth. Through KAI’s partnership with LinkLive, financial institutions will receive the complementary benefits of enhancing the customer experience journey to produce measurable gains in revenue and digital usage — marking a new era in banking using enhanced AI-CEP.

In addition to top line growth, financial institutions are expected to drive significant savings to the bottom line using AI. According to Insider Intelligence, North American banks could potentially save $70 billion by 2025 through implementing AI for middle-office task automation such as delivering personalized recommendations and enabling frictionless, 24/7 interactions.

“The integration of our products enables banks to reduce the cost of supporting customers while offering a trusted, personalized customer experience that keeps the human connection for customers that need it,” says LinkLive CEO Perry Price. “Financial customers deserve superior technologies, and it’s our job to continue to give them just that. Together, we’re creating memorable customer experiences to build trust and lasting loyalty.”

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Each platform brings unique capabilities to the partnership:

  • LinkLive helps banks and credit unions meet customers where they are. With the platform’s single interface, agents find ease in switching between communication modes on the fly, sharing files, sharing screens, collaborating, and scheduling follow-ups. Powered by AI, LinkLive’s predictive performance analytics help refine CX strategies week over week. From automating routine tasks to providing agents with real-time insights, AI-powered customer engagement introduces improvements and innovations across the entire customer journey.
  • KAI comes to the partnership with powerful tools and pre-integrated APIs that enable financial institutions to quickly build and manage intelligent digital bankers with uniquely branded personalities. Leaning in on conversational AI and NLU capabilities and a rich user experience layer, KAI provides additional building blocks essential to interact with digital customers in a compelling and conversational way, effortlessly bridging the gap between digital engagement and human relationships.

“This integration of two strong customer experience platforms reimagines the possibility of AI and human interaction with a simple focus on the customer,” said Zor Gorelov, Co-Founder and CEO at Kasisto. “We’re excited to partner with LinkLive to inspire real customer engagement and set a new bar for AI-assisted human experience and customer care.”

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