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The UAE AI Office Publishes “Responsible Metaverse Self-Governance Framework” with OKX Contribution

The UAE AI Office Publishes "Responsible Metaverse Self-Governance Framework" with OKX Contribution

OKX, a leading Web3 technology company, is pleased to announce that it contributed to the Whitepaper on Responsible Metaverse Self-Governance Framework published by the Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications Office of the United Arab Emirates.

The report, led by Minister Omar Sultan Al Olama in cooperation with Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism, concludes that as the metaverse expands and intertwines more intimately with our daily lives, an international consensus on its operating standards becomes imperative. This whitepaper underscores the vast potential of the metaverse and identifies areas where the global community must strengthen its preparedness.

The metaverse’s impact can be felt across myriad sectors, from manufacturing and healthcare to tourism, retail, and education. While its potential is vast, there is a pressing need for clearer operation standards. Currently, a significant gap exists due to the absence of uniform regulations or a global code of conduct for operating within this emerging ecosystem.

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The paper stresses the importance of international cooperation to establish self-regulatory principles that ensure the metaverse’s transparent, safe, and ethical operation. By fostering collaboration among governments, industries, and civil societies, a cohesive framework can be established, ensuring the metaverse’s sustainable growth and securing its position in the global digital economy.

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