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Alexander Zanders is an entrepreneur and founder of UfarmX. In 2015, Zanders embarked on his agricultural journey, spending three years traveling across Africa attending conferences and learning about the value chain needs of the continent. This experience led him to create UfarmX in 2019. Zanders recognized that people in the diaspora were looking towards Africa for solutions and saw an opportunity to use his skills to help improve the continent’s agricultural sector. During the 2020 pandemic, Zanders built a 100-acre organic farm in Iseyin, Nigeria; successfully harvesting cassava, maize and soybean. In October 2023, UfarmX announced its expansion from Nigeria into Senegal through its strategic partnership with The SEED Project. UfarmX and The SEED Project are offering 2,000 students a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience and education, while also providing a direct pathway to employment through UfarmX’s platform. This initiative is not only addressing immediate employment needs but is also contributing to long-term, sustainable change in the agricultural landscape of Senegal.

How Blockchain-Powered Ecosystems Are Poised to Transform the Agricultural Sector

Alexander Zanders
While the tech and data driven solutions are impressive, I believe the key to our success lies in the methodology we have developed for community engagement and relationship building with our farmer partners. We build genuine relationships and remain engaged with our indigenous stakeholders, allotting them a stake in the......