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Dany Mawas, Regional Director of South Africa, Infinox Capital. INFINOX is an award-winning and market leading online trading platform. Founded in 2009, with the vision of delivering a customer-focused trading experience, INFINOX has been offering its clients premium service in a range of asset classes. We empower investors and help them gain access to markets so they can trade forex, stocks, indices, commodities, and futures; using our fast, efficient and reliable trading technology.

Finding the Trading Styles Best Suited for Your Personality

Dany Mawas
Online trading continues to enjoy growth as young and digitally savvy people consider alternative forms of generating income. Each day more people are learning about its features, benefits, and potential profitability. With accessibility to online trading platforms steadily improving, this industry will no longer be for the few, but rather......

Trading Robots – How Effective Are They?

Dany Mawas
Traders looking to utilize trading robots in their trades must ensure they do their homework and only choose those with a validated track record. Emotional attachment, more commonly referred to as emotional trading, is one of the most detrimental contributors to an online trader’s profitability and overall market success. Emotions......

Fintech Insights: Developing an Online Trading Mindset For the Pandemic Era

Dany Mawas
Internet usage has reached an all-time high, with many of the global workforce spending significantly more time online. Some of those who have been impacted by wage reductions or job losses have looked to make additional income in the form of online trading. The number of online traders has reached......