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Guy Guzner is a co-founder and chief executive officer at SAVVY Security. He has over 25 years of experience with network security products and began his career managing large product teams in engineering and security with Check Point Software Technologies. While working at Check Point Software Technologies, Guy built security product strategies and led the development life cycle of a successful product portfolio with over $1.5B in annual revenues. In 2014, he co-founded Fireglass, a browser-isolation startup acquired by Symantec in 2017. Guy completed the Executive Program in Leadership from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Uncovering The Biggest Hidden Insider Risk For The Financial Industry

Guy Guzner
As part of a highly regulated, high-risk industry, financial organizations are expected to be the most secure environments. However, due to their nature, they are one of the top targets for cyberattacks. According to IBM, finance firms lose approximately $5.9 million per data breach — 28% more than the global average.......