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Uncovering The Biggest Hidden Insider Risk For The Financial Industry

Guy Guzner
As part of a highly regulated, high-risk industry, financial organizations are expected to be the most secure environments. However, due to their nature, they are one of the top targets for cyberattacks. According to IBM, finance firms lose approximately $5.9 million per data breach — 28% more than the global average.......
Wing Security's SaaS Security Automation to Meet New York Financial Regulations
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Wing Security’s SaaS Security Automation to Meet New York Financial Regulations

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Empowering Understaffed Security Teams to Reach the SaaS Security Bar Before the April 25 Regulatory Deadline Wing Security, the leader in SaaS Security, announced that its SaaS security product is specifically designed to help financial firms and covered entities comply with the stringent NY-DFS regulations that mandate robust cybersecurity measures for SaaS......
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Pay Theory Launches New Purpose-Built Payment Solution for Education

Fintech News Desk
Pay Theory, a Cincinnati-based startup, has launched a new payment processing platform with the mission of making school fees and payments straightforward for all involved parties: families, educators, and administrators. Pay Theory’s simplified payment architecture integrates into the educational tools schools are already using, allowing them to transfer money from a......
Beth Boettcher Finke and Glenn Weinstein Elected to Britecore's Board of Directors
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Beth Boettcher Finke and Glenn Weinstein Elected to Britecore’s Board of Directors

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BriteCore, the leading provider of next-generation core software solutions for insurers, is pleased to announce Beth Boettcher Finke and Glenn Weinstein have been elected to BriteCore’s Board of Directors. Read More: GlobalFintechSeries Interview with Raymond Wyand, CEO & Co-founder at gini Beth Boettcher Finke is the Senior Vice President of North America Applications Consulting at Oracle,......