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Johanna Pugh is a fintech evangelist and is the MD of North America for Mambu, a financial institution that provides a powerful competitive edge by allowing customers to rapidly create, launch and service any lending or deposit portfolio through a modern SaaS banking platform.

How the Trends of Today Affect Financial Institutions Tomorrow

Johanna Pugh
The market has changed drastically this year, with many viewing 2020 as an outlier of events. However, it is actually the perfect model for financial institutions (FIs) to keep in mind going into 2021. The COVID crisis is representative of how market changes and customer demands can rapidly occur so......

Banks Are Experiencing a Kodak Moment: Lessons Learned from a Fallen Giant

Johanna Pugh
Giants have fallen when they reacted too slowly to changing consumer needs. Kodak, despite developing the first digital camera, did not believe digital photography would dominate the market, and therefore did not leverage the opportunities their discovery offered. They chose to focus on film, not innovation, and fell after a......