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What Fintech Industry Leaders Think about Full-Stack Digital Banking Framework

Sudipto Ghosh
A regulated Digital Banking framework has become an undisputed component in the rapidly evolving Fintech ecosystem. The Indian fintech market is considered as one of the most robust, yet highly challenging as far as regulation and governance are considered. In order to bring some regulation within the industry, Niti Aayog......

Artificial Intelligence as a Playing Field for Credit Unions

Sudipto Ghosh
On November 30, a panel discussion was conducted with a focus for credit unions addressing “Assessing risk and optimizing growth for each member”, hosted by Neuton.AI. This event brought together thought leaders from the industry who shared views on how credit unions can uncover new growth opportunities and mitigate risks......

Binance Calls for Global Regulatory Frameworks for Crypto Markets

Sudipto Ghosh
Binance Releases 10 Fundamental Rights that Protect Crypto Users in Volatile Crypto Markets A majority of the government-backed institutions seem to forcefully impose the idea that ‘crypto markets’ are evil. Crypto Markets, in recent months, has grown exponentially, and some countries are rethinking on their anti-crypto stance. The push to......

How Debt Collection Practices would Change Once “Regulation F” Takes Effect from November 30, 2021

Sudipto Ghosh
COVID-19 pandemic may have slowed down the consumer finances market and thus disrupted the whole of US-based debt collection practices. In order to regulate the debt collection practices across the US, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau launched a massive drive back in 2019. What is Regulation F The debt collection......

President’s Working Group (PWG) Addresses Payment System Risks Associated with Stablecoins

Sudipto Ghosh
Stablecoins are fast becoming an alternative to bitcoin payments, even as these hybrid cryptocurrencies already facilitate digital transactions of other cryptocurrencies. In order to regulate the payments risks associated with digital asset trading involving stablecoins, the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets (PWG) released a comprehensive report on stablecoins. The......

FSB Highlights Importance of Cyber Resilience for Financial Stability in the Modern Digital Era

Sudipto Ghosh
Cyber Resilience is a highly revered tactical approach adopted across the modern Cloud and SaaS-driven products and services industry. In the financial services industry, cyber resilience allows the company to predict / forecast, analyze and prepare against any cyber threats that could affect its operations. In its latest report on......

FHFA Expands Eligibility Requirements for RefiNow and Refi Possible Refinance Programs

Sudipto Ghosh
In a major shot in the arm for the US home financial services sector, The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) has announced two measures to sustainably advance the affordability of homeownership for mortgage borrowers across the nation. These measures would benefit the homeowners belonging to the underserved communities. As part......