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Crypto Lending Leader CoinLoan Reports Respectable Gains in Deposits

Sudipto Ghosh
Despite continued volatility, CoinLoan’s mid-year report shows impressive gains in the  current financial year. As a pioneer in crypto lending, CoinLoan has positioned its market position with strong growth in 2022. Its wallet deposits rose by 26%, while interest account deposits are also up by 54%. These strong numbers indicate......

Credit Cards and BNPL Instruments Key to Financial Well-being

Sudipto Ghosh
Credit cards and BNPM instruments have emerged as important FinTech tools in the post-pandemic world. Marqeta 2022 State of Credit Report has found an inflated cost of living is a worrisome development in that US. The recent developments are heavily weighing down on the consumers even as new lending options......

FinTech Interview Series with Priti Rathi Gupta, Founder, LXME

Sudipto Ghosh
In continuation to our post-Budget coverage with leading Fintech and commerce leaders, we spoke to Priti Rathi Gupta, Founder, LXME – India’s first financial platform for women. Priti Rathi Gupta, a renowned financial feminist, has been leading the group of pioneering women in the commodities and currency sector in India.......

Majority Unprepared for Ongoing Tug O’ War in Accounting and Finance

Sudipto Ghosh
Business leaders continue to struggle with finding the right balance in Accounting and Finance. Controllership is one of the major challenges in the ongoing tug of war in the financial accounting space. In a latest survey of accounting and finance professionals, majority of the respondents are “still unprepared” to meet......

Fintech Web Ads Should Comply with Federal Consumer Finance Protections

Sudipto Ghosh
Are fintech marketers overlooking Consumer Finance laws? Would it cost fintech money and reputation if they were found to be neglecting, or worse, exploiting the gaps in way fintech web ads are monitored? In this article, we have highlighted the reasons why CFPB had to sternly warn fintech web ads......

Analysis of Potential Impact of Global Economic Recession on Financial Frauds

Sudipto Ghosh
Feeble growth accompanied by uncertain developments have led us into another economic recession. Just when the world was recovering from the Post-COVID damages, new kinds of challenges emerged to push back economic revival. Following a tumultuous few years, economies around the world are bracing themselves for a possible recession. With......

Consumers’ Online Payment Security Fears Swell

Sudipto Ghosh
Online payment security is a big ask for e-commerce platforms in 2022. The latest research shows 62% of global consumers increasingly see fraud as an inevitable risk of online shopping Over half (59%) of consumers are more concerned about becoming a victim of fraud now than they were in 2021.......

RMCU Successfully Launches Mahalo’s Digital Banking Platform

Sudipto Ghosh
Credit union experiences successful conversion and effectively implements unified banking technology with new digital banking platform Mahalo Banking, a CUSO that provides online and mobile banking solutions for credit unions, has completed its digital banking platform implementation with Helena, Mont.-based Rocky Mountain Credit Union (RMCU) to provide an improved and......