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Stripe And OpenAI Partner To Commercialise OpenAI’s Key Products And Improve Stripe With GPT-4.

OpenAI has chosen Stripe to power payments as it works to market its ground-breaking ChatGPT and DALLE generative AI technologies, according to Stripe, a platform for business financial infrastructure. Also, Stripe is integrating GPT-4, a new natural language technology from OpenAI, into its goods and services.

Stripe powering OpenAI

To make its generative AI technology more widely available, OpenAI is partnering with Stripe. In a short of weeks, OpenAI was able to create a global payments system for several product lines using the suite of products from Stripe. The following are some partnership highlights:

  • OpenAI’s premium subscription version of ChatGPT, ChatGPT Plus, is powered by Stripe Billing and Stripe Checkout. OpenAI accepts more than 25 payment options and provides one-time purchases, monthly subscriptions, and usage-based pricing through Checkout’s prebuilt hosted payments page.
  • Customers can acquire DALLE credits through Stripe Billing, which gives them a flexible, pay-as-you-go option, allowing them to create new images.
  • By autofilling pre-saved payment information, Link, a development of Stripe’s Remember Me offering, enables OpenAI users to make payments 40% faster than before.
  • With networked payment details kept across hundreds of thousands of businesses, OpenAI is now a member of the Link network, which enables tens of millions of users to check out more quickly.
  • With its expansion into international markets, Stripe Tax assists OpenAI in adhering to its tax compliance standards. OpenAI relies on revenue recognition to manage its finances, including handling refunds and disputes at scale, so it can precisely close its books each month.
  • To quickly enter new markets, scale with compliance in mind, and reach a large number of people globally, 75% of the top generative AI firms have chosen to partner with Stripe. OpenAI, Runway, Diagram, and Moonbeam are a few of them.

GPT-4 enhancing Stripe

Artificial intelligence has been employed for a long time by Stripe to improve its services and user interfaces, including assisting users in managing fraud and boosting conversion rates. GPT-3 for Stripe Support was implemented last year thanks to work done by Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI team and Stripe, which is assisting agents in finding speedier resolution routes for the numerous users they deal with each week. After enrolling in the GPT-4 beta in January, Stripe discovered a variety of applications for the technology that might help users acquire the information they require more quickly and streamline business processes. GPT-powered Stripe Docs is one of the first results of our project. With this improvement to Stripe’s excellent documentation, developers will be able to ask GPT-4 questions using natural language within Stripe Docs, and it will respond by summarising the pertinent sections of the documentation or extracting particular bits of information. Developers can now spend more time building instead of reading.

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