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10 Of The Best Stock Market Podcasts

1. Invest Like the Best   

Patrick O’Shaughnessy is the person of the show. Patrick is a reliable source for information on investment. This podcast examines the theories, practices, and personal stories of individuals to provide you better time and, most crucially, investing advice. Listeners are educated by a variety of voices in the financial industry included in each episode, so you’re not just benefiting from Patrick but also from his guests!‍

2. Chat With Traders   

Aaron Fifield is the host of the podcast Chat With Traders, which has a similar premise to Invest Like the Best and features interviews with elite performers.  This podcast focuses on having discussions with a diverse group of traders that have all experienced success in trading. Although there are undoubtedly some technical elements to these chats, overall, this podcast is excellent for novices. Listeners typically gain a clear understanding of how/where they can start from Chat With Traders’ guests’ full journeys, which are frequently featured on the podcast. Some of the stories are also rather demeaning and inspiring, which will encourage you to start.

‍3. Motley Fool Money  

There has been a Motley Fool Money podcast for quite some time. The program is almost at 700 episodes (woah). Every week, a group of Motley Fool investing analysts and Chris Hill join to talk about the latest business and financial headlines. Furthermore, the group analyses the stock market for investors, speaks with best-selling authors and subject matter experts, and looks at stocks that are on their radar. This programme is designed for more experienced and intermediate investors. Anyone can listen in to hear market updates, but generally speaking, if you don’t speak the language of the investment world, it may be very simple for you to become confused.‍

4. We Study Billionaires  

It should come as no surprise given the show’s name that it profiles millionaires for you. Successful businessmen are interviewed by We Study Billionaires to learn how they built their companies and what their investing methods were. They subsequently assist you in comprehending how you might utilize these stock market investment tactics in your own life. Overall, this show is excellent for beginning and intermediate investors, but since it covers more than just the stock market, it’s important to have some business expertise as well.

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5. Mad Money with Jim Crame

Another long-running program is Mad Money, which has approximately 800 episodes. I’ll start by saying that this show is a little loud and forceful, but if that’s your style of music, go for it! Jim Cramer, one of Wall Street’s most famous money managers, delves deep into his thoughts in Mad Money. Jim wants to make the complex world of Wall Street slightly less complicated through the show. For the comfort of the audience, he summarizes the most major topics, financial jargon, and other issues. Definitely, an excellent spot for newbies to begin their financial adventure is this podcast.

6. Planet Money  
  NPR produced the well-known and well-liked podcast Planet Money. Before you wonder why this podcast is included on the list, we know it isn’t stock or investment-focused. However, stick to us. You must keep up with our economy if you plan to start investing. The economy is literally taught on Planet Money, which does it in an intriguing, amusing, and enjoyable manner. For a well-rounded selection of knowledge, Planet Money should be paired with any of the more investment- or stock-focused series.

7. Money for the Rest of Us   

J. David Stein is the host of the personal finance and investing podcast Money for the Rest of Us. J. David Stein has spent the last 20 years educating people and organizations about investing and financial management in plain language. He is now imparting that knowledge to you (for free). J. David Stein sits down so that it’s just the two of you throughout each episode and he takes you through some fundamental and intermediate concepts related to investing and money management. The fact that he uses many tales and examples, tying them to real-world situations or experiences, makes this program very easy to follow and understand.‍

8. The Rich Dad Radio Show

This show is similar to Planet Money, and focuses on finance as well as business and the economy in general. The host of the renowned Rich Dad Poor Dad radio show, Robert Kiyosaki, offers to advise on personal money, investing, and business to listeners. In this episode, he wants to simplify everything for us so that we can move forward with the proper financial and strategic decisions for ourselves. Robert will discuss money, investing, business, and personal finance while drawing on the expertise of experts from around the world.‍

9. Fresh Invest   

With each episode lasting under 20 minutes, this program almost has the sense of a “quick hit,” which is perfect for all of the busy investors and would-be investors out there. Fresh Invest is a more recent program that debuted in mid-late 2020. They just finished their first season, and we may anticipate a second season sometime in 2021. Alex will talk about the financial sector generally throughout the show, but he will also interview specialists who will delve a little further into the episode’s themes.

10. Animal Spirits   

Animal Spirits is the last item on our list of the top stock market podcasts. Ben Carlson and Michael Batnick act as the show’s hosts. The podcast focuses on analyzing the things that the two of them read, write, listen to, and watch. We love this podcast because it provides you with a fair amount of resources and suggestions for places to learn more about the stock market. Additionally, Michael and Ben do a fantastic job of breaking down the latest developments in the investment sector for listeners. For those investors who are intermediate to advanced, the show is definitely best.

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