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Visa Cross-Border Solutions

Visa and Currencycloud

Visa Cross-Border Solutions will collaborate with other Visa divisions and existing Visa and Currencycloud customers such as corporations, fintechs, FX brokers, and other businesses outside of the traditional banking industry that want to provide their clients with embedded multi-currency and cross-border functionality.

Banks, fintechs, FX brokers, and other payment institutions can now take advantage of Visa Cross-Border Solutions, a product developed in partnership with Visa and Currencycloud.

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Visa Cross-Border Solutions integrates the company’s in-house cross-border and cash management tools with those made possible by the company’s purchase of Currencycloud. Visa Cross-Border Solutions provides its services to other companies while prioritizing the satisfaction of its customers.

Visa Cross-Border Solutions

Visa Cross-Border Solutions provides a set of reusable components that may be plugged into an organization’s preexisting IT system. This is achieved by use of an API, or application programming interface. Multi-currency wallets that can store over 30 different currencies are just one example of the functionality made possible by these underlying building components. More than 180 nations and territories accept these currencies for purchases and transfers.

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It is not always clear who the final consumer will be. Someone who sends money to loved ones overseas and wants access to fair and transparent foreign exchange rates is one possibility. Or it could be a small or medium-sized business that prefers to avoid the hidden expenses and third-party involvement associated with accepting payments from overseas customers.

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