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Crunchfish Introduces Digital Cash Business Model

Crunchfish Introduces Digital Cash Business Model

Crunchfish’s Digital Cash Wallet offers an exceptionally flexible and interoperable offline payment service that compliments any online payment service with capabilities that replicate the use of physical cash. Crunchfish introduces a subscription-based business model per Digital Cash Wallet deployed, to be charged to the issuing bank or digital wallet provider.

Crunchfish’s Digital Cash Wallet is an exceptionally flexible and interoperable solution that compliments any digital payment service on smart cards or in digital wallets with capabilities that replicates paying with cash. A two-step hierarchical architecture makes Digital Cash payments independent from the net, offering instant clearing offline at the moment of payment, followed by settlement online to move money between accounts.

The Digital Cash Wallet has a mirrored virtual online account which is debited when either the payer or the receiver connects online. The virtual account may only be debited from the Digital Cash Wallet, protecting against overdrafts, and it also registers all activity in the Digital Cash Wallet.

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Crunchfish’s business model will be a subscription model charged per deployed Digital Cash Wallet to the issuing bank or digital wallet provider. The business model will be controlled by Crunchfish as a global Certificate Authority, providing signed certificates for use in the Digital Cash Wallets. The business model is well known in the payment industry as it is similar to issuing payment services on smart cards and it does not interfere with the business model of Crunchfish Digital Cash Networks-, Banks-, Processors-, Wallet-Partners. Global interoperability cross-service, cross-scheme and cross-border will be offered as optional add-ons.

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The addressable market for Digital Cash Wallets is huge as it spans billions of smart cards with debit, credit, pre-paid or gift card services as well as digital wallets in apps on smartphones, smart watches and feature phones using any payment scheme of EMV, RTP, closed-loop wallets, CBDC, cryptocurrency or mobile money.

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