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Cryptobucks Disrupts Merchant Payment Processing, Making It Easy to Accept Digital Currency

Cryptobucks Disrupts Merchant Payment Processing, Making It Easy to Accept Digital Currency

Meet the all-in-one technology that will disrupt the current payments landscape. Cryptobucks, developed by South Florida’s Aliant Payments and Shokworks, is a blockchain technology payment app that has enabled worldwide acceptance of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum since 2018. But a new addition to the app makes Cryptobucks one of the first payment applications in which a merchant can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and cryptocurrency payments all in one easy-to-use app.

The current payment infrastructure was originally developed decades ago, before the internet. Since then, there have been very few changes. In 2017, Aliant Payments CEO Eric Brown recognized this problem and started moving into blockchain and cryptocurrency payments.

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Aliant, a traditional payment processing company founded in 2003, partnered with Shokworks, an industry disrupter in digital spaces, to develop Cryptobucks. The app converts digital currency into U.S. dollars and deposits it to merchants’ bank accounts within 48 hours. A future update will allow merchants to decide what percentage they want to liquidate vs. remain in digital currency.

The process is easy for the merchant and customer. Merchants don’t need their own digital wallets – Cryptobucks does all the work. Customers with digital wallets can complete transactions in less than a minute, and credit card users in less time. Cryptobucks works with all digital wallets, so consumers do not have to download a specific wallet to pay with crypto, and can use Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, etc.

“What makes Cryptobucks so great isn’t just that it’s the first cryptocurrency-and-credit-card-to-merchant transaction app in the market, but that it comes from a trusted payment processing company with nearly two decades of experience,” said Aliant Payments CEO Brown.

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Cryptobucks had several early successes, including the NFL’s first cryptocurrency deal. Brown collaborated with Litecoin to integrate cryptocurrency payments for the Miami Dolphins’ 2019 season.

“Using cryptocurrency is perfect for sports teams, airlines, gaming organizations, automotive sales, jewelry, real estate and more,” said Shokworks COO Daniel Laplana. “Cryptobucks is safe, secure and easy-to-use. We’re proud to work with Aliant Payments on this groundbreaking app.”

Shokworks is an industry disruptor in digital spaces and has recently launched a unique gamification platform with Rivals Media Group, a VR platform with unlimited possibilities with Immersity, a geo-messaging app that connects the digital and physical worlds with Rypplzz, and a skill-based game, High Speed Hands.

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