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Global Fintech Interview with Olivier Thierry “OT”, CRO at HungerRush

Global Fintech Interview with Olivier Thierry "OT", CRO of HungerRush

What is HungerRush all about? What does your client base look like?

HungerRush is a leading cloud software provider for the restaurant industry. We work with restaurants of all sizes, across cuisines – from local mom-and-pop joints that need more efficient ways to manage in-house and third-party delivery to national pizza chains that need a comprehensive solution for order-taking, delivery, operations, and marketing across hundreds of locations. We currently have 19,000 restaurant customers in the U.S.

HungerRush is committed to tech innovation and solving problems for restaurants such as the labor shortage or increasing order volumes through unique digital channels, marketing and loyalty programs.

89% of companies use a multi-cloud approach. How according to you will AI and other innovations impact its acceptance?

AI and other innovations will accelerate the deployment of cloud technology in general due to the large data sets that will be used as a source for machine learning and analytics, but they won’t accelerate any specific cloud technology. Whether you’re running AI using AWS or Azure or another cloud stack, what’s important is the end result and what the AI produces. In many cases data sets can reside across different cloud instances, so there will always be a need for hybrid and multi-cloud solutions. Where companies will need to invest is in the AI business solution more than the platform it runs on.

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How will Finance Technology Solutions for global payments will evolve in the future?

Fintech is already evolving, especially with the gig economy. Folks that are gig workers in restaurants expect to get their tips or payments the same day. We’re already seeing technologies supporting payments flexibility in many different ways, from credit cards/debit cards to advancements on payments. These capabilities must all be integrated seamlessly into restaurant workflows.

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Fintech is one of the most proliferated data science marketplaces, we’d love to know what are your predictions for the Fintech domain for 2025?

Merchants are getting smarter. It’s like the democratization of your phone bill, 5-10 years ago. Phone bills used to be incredibly confusing, and no one knew what all the different charges were – but now, providers have streamlined bills so that customers can simply pay a set rate per month. Merchants know what they want to pay, and want no hidden costs. They want clearly understood charges. At HungerRush we believe that merchant services fees and other fees should be transparent to the merchants. The days of obfuscating rates are a thing of the past and processors and vendors of these services will need to compete in other ways, through better software and/or services.

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How can FinTechs enhance the customer experience?

In our case, our customers are restaurant operators. Their experiences with fintech can be improved through the integration of all of the money flow, from ordering to payments to disbursements – making the B2B2C interactions easy to understand and onboard, as well as unique and innovative ways to make finance a competitive advantage for their business.

Thank you, Olivier! That was fun and we hope to see you back on Global Fintech Series.

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Olivier Thierry (“OT”) serves as the Chief Revenue Officer for HungerRush. OT has a distinguished career of executive leadership positions in several successful technology corporations. Prior to HungerRush, OT served as CMO for Quorum Software, CMO at Zimbra, CEO of Fiveruns, and CMO at Zenoss. He received his Bachelor of Commerce degree with a double major in marketing, and computers and systems from McGill University in Montreal.

HungerRush Logo

HungerRush is a leading provider of integrated restaurant solutions. HungerRush 360 is our flagship cloud POS system that makes it easier to delight guests, drive loyalty, and manage restaurants from anywhere. The all-in-one system integrates digital ordering, delivery, customer engagement, restaurant management, and payment processing features with flexible software designed to give operators of all sizes more insight into their customers, more control over their operations, and more power to profitably grow their business.

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