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GreatOne is Solving the Most Critical Problem of Crypto/Digital Asset Wealth Preservation

GreatOne is Solving the Most Critical Problem of Crypto/Digital Asset Wealth Preservation
Groundbreaking platform introduces tools, strategies and products to build balanced digital asset portfolios

GreatOne Digital Holdings (GOD Holdings), is owned and managed by The Patel Family Office. The 70-year-old, Indian-American, privately held family office from the United States, is launching a decentralized financial investment platform to help digital asset investors construct institutional grade, balanced, digital asset portfolios, with the objective of wealth creation, preservation and growth.

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The recent volatility and loss of value in the crypto space not only affects the wealth of direct investors, but also shatters trust in digital products and markets. GreatOne Digital Holdings is aspiring to restore this faith by providing democratized access to successful legacy portfolio construction products and strategies from the traditional financial industry, adapted for the digital asset space.

As Lakshmi Narayanan, Board Member of GreatOne Digital Holdings, explains, “Financial markets evolve in response to every downturn. This downturn will lead to the evolution of web 3.0 whereby digital assets that mirror traditional structured financial instruments will emerge as one of the most powerful asset classes globally.”

GreatOne includes the following;

GreatOne Tools 

  • GreatOne is innovating proprietary, patent-pending tools that are integrated with their technology platform to help investors diagnose and balance their digital asset holdings.

GreatOne Strategies

  • GreatOne focuses on building institutional grade, capital-protected investment (proof of protection) strategies in digital form that enable a global audience to access asset-linked digital assets (proof of assets ). The company will also provide responsible investment products that focus on environmental sustainability, as well as opportunities in meaningful community development.

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GreatOne Product 

  • “GreatOne is going to shake up the investment industry,” said Annelise Osborne, Co-Founder and  Board Member of GreatOne Digital Holdings. “Our product is designed to prioritize the best interests of investors, therefore providing them with high quality and secure investment opportunities. We are looking forward to rolling out a series of unique asset backed, capital protected, assured return yielding products in the coming months.”

Over the next 3 months, GreatOne will be introducing an array of real estate-based investment opportunities, well-tested portfolio construction strategies and tools to evaluate crypto/digital asset portfolios beyond just return performance, for the benefit of investors worldwide.

GreatOne Digital Initiatives 

  • All of the tools and strategies will be given free of charge to registered users as part of the “Investor Education and  Protection Initiative”, said Lakshmi Narayanan, “Anyone interested in accessing these tools and strategies is invited to join the GreatOne Telegram channel.”

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