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Sei Partners With Graviton Concentrating Focus On The Burgeoning Indian Blockchain Market

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Sei, the fastest Layer 1 blockchain purpose-built to give traders an unfair advantage, announced it has partnered with Graviton Accelerator, a web3 accelerator program focused on boosting the web3 ecosystem in India. In these turbulent times, Sei is doubling down on growth markets to bolster the developer ecosystem. Sei’s concentration......
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XBO.com Covers The bases Other crypto Exchanges Didn’t, All Assets Held 1:1 And Always Accessible To Users

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XBO.com, the cryptocurrency exchange making the benefits of crypto more accessible to everyone, reassures its users their funds are safe with the exchange, promising no mishandling of funds is possible. XBO.com is working on a proof-of-reserves protocol and is holding all assets of their users 1:1 in segregated accounts through......
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Plug And Play To Launch Crypto And Digital Assets Innovation Platform With Visa, AllianceBlock, The INX Digital Company, IGT, And Franklin Templeton

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Global innovation platform, Plug and Play, together with founding partners Visa, AllianceBlock, The INX Digital Company, IGT, and Franklin Templeton, has announced the launch of their new Crypto and Digital Assets program in Silicon Valley. The program aims to connect international startups with the founding partners to pilot the startups’ technologies and drive the future of Crypto and Digital......
ZEBEDEE and Bitrefill Partner to Create a Circular Economy within the Global Play-and-Earn Ecosystem
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ZEBEDEE and Bitrefill Partner to Create a Circular Economy within the Global Play-and-Earn Ecosystem

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Gaming-focused FinTech integrates with global Bitcoin gift card vendor to enable gamers to buy gift cards with in-game earnings ZEBEDEE, the leading FinTech and next-generation payment processor for the gaming industry, and Bitrefill, the largest global vendor for gift cards and mobile top-ups that can be bought with crypto, announced a partnership to......
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Best Apps for Crypto In 2023

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Worldwide Crypto Trading The rise of the popularity for cryptocurrencies is the most discussed topic of the decade.Today billions of investors are a part of it but still globally its magical wand is working and more people want to get attached to it. Many brokerage firms are now allowing the......
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BOMB Money Announces Release Date For Their Mobile App And Blockchain Powered By Ankr

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On Jan. 9, 2023, the new mobile app developed by the BOMB Money team will be available for download on Android and iOS. The app will run on BOMB Chain, their new blockchain also set to launch on the same day. The game-changing BOMB Mobile App will become the gateway......
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Gitcoin And OKX To Partner On Support For Developer Community And Public Good

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OKX, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume and a leading web3 ecosystem, has entered into a strategic partnership with Gitcoin to support the developer community and the use of novel funding mechanisms for the public good in the crypto space. With its day-one commitment to user experience, safety,......
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Gate.io Launches Crypto Exchange GateTR In Turkey, Marks Global Expansion Milestone

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Throughout Q3 2022, Gate.io Group, the parent company of crypto exchange Gate.io, revealed its global expansion progress in several key crypto regions such as Dubai, Lithuania, and Turkey. Now, a new milestone has been achieved. Recently announced in a keynote at Istanbul Blockchain Week 2022, Gate.io and its Turkey-based counterpart Gate Turkey unveiled GateTR, a new crypto exchange tailored to serve Turkey’s growing crypto market.......
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Kalder Introduces Next-Gen Brand Loyalty Through Web3 Engagement Tools

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Kalder, a web3-native brand engagement platform, announced that it raised $3 million in its pre-seed round. The fundraising round will empower Kalder to reimagine marketing tools using innovative blockchain technology, mobilizing consumers through NFT memberships, contribute-to-earn experiences, and interoperable brand-loyalty rewards. “Success in a Brand 3.0 framework requires an all-in-one......
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Bullet Blockchain Completes the Acquisition of the IP Portfolio Consisting Of Bitcoin ATM Patents; Will Proceed With Licensing To The Industry

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Bullet Blockchain, Inc. an advanced software development and SaaS company, specializing in blockchain technologies and Web 3.0, announced today that BULT acquired a wholly owned subsidiary from BOTS Inc., which holds the rights to U.S. Patent No. 9,135,787 – “Bitcoin Kiosk / ATM Device and System Integrating Enrollment Protocol and......