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Mudra Brings Liquidity Locking Platform to the BSC Network

Mudra Brings Liquidity Locking Platform to the BSC Network

Want To Protect Your Crypto Investments? Mudra Provides the Best Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Liquidity Locker

There are plenty of crypto exchanges, such as PancakeSwap, generating market liquidity for investors to buy and sell tokens without causing drastic price fluctuations. However, such liquidity pools have been targeted by unscrupulous crypto developers using a common scam – the ‘rugpull.’

This fraudulent practice involves developers launching new tokens and marketing them aggressively. Having achieved a considerable amount of investment, the developers then withdraw the liquidity pool. The result is that investors are left with practically worthless coins.

Liquidity Locker
Mudra Provides the Best Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Liquidity Locker

Liquidity locking is a way of preventing such scams, so it is something that investors are keen to have. Therefore, liquidity locking gives coins legitimacy and investors an element of security. Common issues with liquidity locking are that it comes with high costs and complex processes.

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However, Mudra has recently introduced a next-gen liquidity lock platform to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This locker has plenty of features and is more affordable than other BSC liquidity lockers. You can now lock your liquidity instantly by transferring your tokens into Mudra’s time-lock contract.

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The system utilizes a QR code-based verified lock certificate to share the locked duration, providing investors with confidence in their investments. Mudra provides this confidence with the lowest charges but still with the best features. One such feature, extending lock duration, comes with no charge at all. As a result, Mudra has become the fastest-growing liquidity locking platform in 2021. It already has more than one thousand projects signed up within weeks.

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