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PwC and FintechOS Launch Microsoft Cloud For Financial Services Digital Banking Solution.

With the goal of supporting PwC’s new digital banking solution, Infinite Financial Solutions for Banking, FintechOS, a pioneer in fintech enablement, will work with PwC. The solution enables financial institutions to accelerate digital transformation and improve customer experience in a cost-effective manner thanks to Microsoft’s Cloud for Financial Services and the FintechOS technology platform. Infinite Financial Solutions for Banking blends tried-and-true cloud-based technologies with cutting-edge fintech innovation, deep industry knowledge, and extensive expertise in strategy, controls, legislation, and cybersecurity. The technology helps institutions to hasten the launch, servicing, and growth of their financial products and services by streamlining fintech development and deployment and drastically cutting the time necessary to develop new services. In addition to PwC’s extensive knowledge of digital banking, the solution makes use of Microsoft’s Cloud for Financial Services to offer a unified platform for customer service and facilitate hyper-personalization.

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PwC and FintechOS are working together to make it possible for the dynamic orchestration and hyper-personalization of digital customer journeys with the goal of delivering excellent customer experiences and quick innovation for financial services providers, all at reduced cost. FintechOS has a track record of assisting financial institutions with the scaled-up launch of individualised and distinctive financial solutions and client journeys.

The FintechOS platform will do the following for Infinite Financial Solutions for Banking:

Serve as the layer of integration and orchestration, making connections to a variety of systems easier and enabling them, such as identity verification, Open Banking, payments, and neo-core technologies
To configure and update financial products and to establish data-driven client journeys, offer a low-code/no-code approach, reducing reliance on technical talent that is in short supply.
Provide PwC the ability to introduce cutting-edge solutions to their financial clients in less than a year while lowering their total cost of ownership by up to 40%.

“FintechOS enables our clients to create hyper-personalised digital customer journey experiences and access a rich catalogue of configurable banking service capabilities. Through its powerful low-code design studio, FintechOS allows business teams to dynamically change customer journey flows, business rules, and customer personalisation. This is a unique combination and a game-changer in driving business agility,” said Mike Kennelly, Senior Director at PwC. “FintechOS can plug in anywhere in the tech stack, working with existing and legacy technologies,” said Mike Hughes, Vice President, Product Marketing at FintechOS. “This enables PwC – with its Infinite Financial Solutions – to bring together best-of-breed cloud services, integration and orchestration layers, and deep digital banking know-how to help institutions pioneer new products and services.”

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