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Bitcoin Well Grows Ecosystem of Online Products With the Launch of Visa Debit Bitcoin Purchase Functionality and Customer Promotion

Bitcoin Well Grows Ecosystem of Online Products With the Launch of Visa Debit Bitcoin Purchase Functionality and Customer Promotion

Bitcoin Well a company providing convenient, secure and reliable ways to buy, sell and use bitcoin, is pleased to announce new online purchase functionality available on the Bitcoin Well website and the expansion of our online ecosystem.

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Non-Custodial Online Service Offerings

We are dedicated to giving customers the ability to purchase bitcoin in the fastest and safest way possible. In addition to the existing online products Bitcoin Well offers, as of today, customers can buy bitcoin with Visa Debit. This new revenue stream and customer functionality comes alongside the launch of our online platform, where users can create a non-custodial account to make bitcoin purchases quickly and easily.

Non-Custodial Financial Services are a core business pillar for Bitcoin Well, and this new Visa Debit functionality signals the first major strategic shift for our ecosystem, as we prepare to offer more online products. This functionality is unique within the industry, and one that is not currently available through other exchanges in Canada1. Similarly — and, true to the Bitcoin Well model — while users can create an online account, the custody of their bitcoin remains in their own hands, as we direct all account transactions to an address or wallet that the customer controls. The ability to self-custody your bitcoin from the Bitcoin Well account is a pivotal distinction when it comes to security, that most other exchanges do not offer.

Non-custodial online products currently offered by Bitcoin Well:

  • Sell bitcoin and receive an Interac e-transfer
  • Sell bitcoin and receive a direct deposit into any Canadian bank
  • Use bitcoin to pay your bills
  • Buy bitcoin automatically (monthly) with the Bitcoin Savings Plan
  • Create an online account and buy bitcoin with Visa Debit

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“We are going to continue adding to the Bitcoin Well online ecosystem,” said Adam O’Brien, Founder and CEO of Bitcoin Well. “Creating a streamlined customer experience is paramount. Whether a customer’s first interaction is through our OTC offices in-person, at an ATM or online, they will have access to the entire suite of Bitcoin Well products and services, increasing the value to our customers with each addition to our ecosystem. The best part about it is that our customers get to maintain the advantage of self-custody over their bitcoin, with the convenience of an account-based platform.”

Giving our customers the option to buy bitcoin online using their Visa Debit through an account represents a major milestone as we grow the Bitcoin Well online ecosystem.

“It is a fast, easy and convenient way for customers to buy bitcoin from the comfort of their home or as they sip a coffee at their favourite café, which we are hopeful will increase our customer’s frequency of purchase and long-term retention,” said Aryon Billings, Director of Product Delivery for Bitcoin Well. “The team has been working extremely hard on the delivery of this new functionality and we are proud of the foundations that have been built to enable continued development of solutions for financial sovereignty.”

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