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BSV Blockchain Launches Its Online Study Platform on CSDN

BSV Blockchain Launches Its Online Study Platform on CSDN

Last November saw BSV blockchain and Shanghai Keyi Technology Co., Ltd. partner with CSDN to launch the CSDN Blockchain Engineer Qualification Programme, which is the very first BSV education and certification programme launched in China and the first-ever certification programme with a focus on development skills applied in the blockchain realm across the entire system of CSDN software engineer competence certifications. The programme is dedicated to establishing new standards for blockchain technology specialists and promoting the positive evolution of the blockchain industry and the talent pool.

Today, BSV blockchain officially launches a brand-new online study platform on CSDN and releases its first course, “Bitcoin Basics: Protocol and Design”. The online study platform provides a range of professional teaching materials and high-quality learning resources. These enable both learners interested in blockchain technology and job-seekers in search of new career opportunities to learn blockchain-related knowledge efficiently and to obtain the relevant professional competence certificates.

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This study platform comprises three major modules:

  • Courses: refer to 6 preliminary courses and 9 regular courses that cover a whole range of bitcoin theory, bitcoin development as well as bitcoin infrastructure, which are required by learners and developers.

  • Video Courses: refer to courses taught by seasoned blockchain lecturers on different topics to help learners gain an in-depth understanding of the key points studied in each course.

  • BSV Wiki: contains a list of “Definitions of Terms and Phrases” which set forth the professional construction and interpretation of terms and basic concepts that feature regularly in the Bitcoin and blockchain realms.

The first preliminary course, “Bitcoin Basics: Protocol and Design”, is now available online. This course briefly introduces the Bitcoin protocol and the operation of a Bitcoin system to help learners gain a basic understanding of how to store data in a Bitcoin network and how to pursue its sustainable development.

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Commenting on the online study platform launched officially today by BSV blockchain, Lise Li, CEO of Keyi Tech and Head of BSV Blockchain China, said:

“Blockchain has been emerging swiftly as a new realm of technology and attracting more and more attention. However, many people have found it difficult to acquire blockchain knowledge in an efficient and systematic manner. We are truly honored to partner with CSDN, which has a customer base of more than 30 million developers in China, to jointly establish such a blockchain study platform and launch a blockchain engineer qualification programme to help learners, developers and professionals learn proper theories and skills efficiently, so that these pioneers may be able to find even better career opportunities in the following technological wave. Keyi Tech hopes to always play a leading role in providing blockchain-themed education and occupational training, and it is also willing to collaborate with more organizations to train up more professionals in this regard.”

Also commenting on the announcement, Chen Yulong, CTO of CSDN (Changsha), said:

“A series of certification programmes offered by CSDN Competence Accreditation Center has been acknowledged by many enterprises, whilst the competence standards set by it have become the guiding principles enabling developers to learn and grow. This partnership between CSDN, BSV blockchain and Keyi Tech in launching the Blockchain Engineer Qualification Programme represents a milestone act of immense significance. Boasting a tremendously strong performance in its own right, the BSV blockchain is known to able to scale unbounded, offering greater data capacity and functionality, in addition to super low transaction fees. I believe that as an increasing number of developers keep learning and growing via this platform and obtain their certification, the blockchain industry will gradually embrace a shift from value migration to value creation.”

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