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MegaMask Launches Next Generation Crypto Wallet

MegaMask Launches Next Generation Crypto Wallet

Security meets simplicity with MegaMask’s innovative new Wallet

Speaking at CoinAgenda, the CEO of Wire Network, Ken DiCross, announced the launch of MegaMask, an innovative crypto wallet that aims to redefine the standard for cross chain interoperability and asset transfers. The wallet allows users to easily store, display and transfer NFT’s, crypto currencies and other digital assets from various blockchains in one wallet.

To do this, Megamask leverages Wire.Network’s new Universal Polymorphic Address Protocol (UPAP) which enables cross-chain transactions without requiring a traditional bridge.

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“This is a major pivot point in blockchain technology as we step away from the vulnerable fragmentation of traditional crypto architecture,” said Ken Dicross, CEO, Wire Network.

Similar to other mainstream crypto wallets, MegaMask allows users to leverage the full potential of web 3.0 technology while preserving some of the same ease of use we have come to expect from web 2.0 applications.

“It was challenging but we were able to maintain the tight security protocols demanded by web 3 users while offering a web 2 style onboarding experience for new users” said Kyle Dolan, CTO of Wire Network.

While most mainstream wallets allow you to transact with crypto assets stored on the Ethereum network (or other ERC-20 tokens) MegaMask will allow you to view, transfer or trade assets on any modern blockchain using a mobile app, a web app or a browser extension.

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“This innovation is only made possible by our breakthrough protocols which we expect will be adopted by the entire industry” continued Dolan.

MegaMask’s additional feature set will include decentralized RPC through Peer-to-Peer self validation, Nameservice registration, and private messaging between followers.

CoinAgenda, the premier global conference series connecting blockchain and cryptocurrency investors with startups since 2014, and BitAngels, the leading network of bitcoin and blockchain investors, is held several times annually at different locations. The current event is hosted in San Juan, Puerto Rico. CoinAgenda has seen the launch of many successful groundbreaking blockchain and crypto innovations.

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