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Minting Over 16,500 NFTS Within the First 24 Hours, Space Metaverse Introduces New Play-To-Earn Space Sip Features

Minting Over 16,500 NFTS Within the First 24 Hours, Space Metaverse Introduces New Play-To-Earn Space Sip Features
The tech company has proven success, generating over 115K active Telegram members and 119K Twitter followers just two months after launch.

Vietnam-based Space Metaverse is refreshing Space SIP(SIP), a play-to-earn non-fungible token (NFT) role-playing game developed on the Binance Smart Chain platform, with even more features for players to earn and have fun.

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Following the official launch of Space SIP on November 30, with over 16,500 NFTs minted and 16,600 web visitors within the first 24 hours, the team has been working hard to expand the user gameplay experience and the potential of earning $SIP tokens.

As the utility token of the game, players will now be able to accumulate more $SIP tokens through the game’s various modes, including:

  • Mining – Send your unlimited spaceship NFTs to four different planets with mining vaults. Users can earn $SIP even when they are not actively playing the game.
  • PvE Combat – Join the fight against monsters to keep the cosmos safe and be rewarded with $SIP.
  • Staking – Users can also stake their $SIP in Staking Pools, with an annual percentage rate of up to 200%.

Another new feature is that of Space SIP’s Explore mode, where exploration of the cosmos yield adventures and encounters with other enemy ships. This will increase Exploring Scores, which will be utilised in future game features. Space SIP also offers a Marketplace where players can use their NFTs to earn $SIP tokens which can be traded on exchanges or converted to fiat currency. In the future, Space SIP will release more functions of Marketplace such as lending and borrowing NFTs in order to lower the financial barrier for newcomers.

“This game has been known to cause a mind-blowing experience. We recommend you prepare yourself mentally and if possible, be sitting down. Side effects may include earning a big sum of money, letting out a chuckle, and sporadic oinking,” said Space SIP team.

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Ensuring safety and transparency with state-of-the-art functions

By implementing a variety of $SIP earning mechanisms, and presenting a gaming experience that looks great visually with easy and enjoyable controls, Space SIP is positioned to stand out in the  play-to-earn GameFi arena.

Space Metaverse also ensures that Space SIP is fair and transparent on all levels to protect its users, with the use of oracle service Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) in generating randomised NFTs. The company goes further with having the Space SIP smart contract audited by Verichains, one of the leading security firms in the blockchain sector.

Space Metaverse CEO Tuan Nguyen said, “People can’t deny the fever pitch of the current NFT game market and Metaverse will undoubtedly be the world’s future. With Space SIP, we’re taking the first step into the metaverse. Our vision is not just ‘Play to Earn,’ but also ‘Fun to Play,’ bringing joy and prosperity into the lives of our players.”

The team behind Space SIP are excellent experts in the IT and blockchain sector, directed by Founder and CEO Tuan Nguyen, who is also the President of Apps Cyclone with 15 years of experience in software development for international partners. Meanwhile, CPO Lan Pham has over 14 years of establishing and administering development centres for early-stage enterprises. With extensive expertise in the field, the Space SIP team understands what it takes to create a stable metaverse that benefits everyone.

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