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Cryppo: The NFT Collections To Play in the Metaverse and Earn Tokens

Cryppo: The NFT Collections to Play in the Metaverse and Earn Tokens

The Cryptonomist, in partnership with Italian company ArtRights, is launching its series of NFTs dedicated to Cryppo.

The public sale will start on December 21st at 6 pm CET on the most famous platform for NFTs, OpenSea.

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Cryppo to play in a metaverse

Cryppo has a long-term roadmap. The series is formed by3777 Artificial Intelligence-generated NFTs with over 90 very special 3D traits, which makes Cryppo ready for the metaverse.

In fact, thanks to a partnership with The Nemesis, Cryppo will immediately have its own metaverse, where holders can meet, talk, play and participate in exclusive events.

Also, in the future, as per roadmap, holders will also have the chance to buy lands and participate in a DAO to receive Cryppo tokens.

In fact, each holder will be rewarded and, in the future, will be able to participate in DAO decisions to grow together, thanks to Cryppo governance tokens.

A DAO is an autonomous decentralized organization where participants of a project can decide and vote for the future steps of the project itself.

The roadmap, as mentioned on the official website, also includes a staking program to farm NFTs and receive the whole Cryppo family. In fact, if you buy a Cryppo NFT, you can stake it and farm it to gain Cryppo’s wife and kids and receive tokens too.

The roadmap also features other future developments like live events, merchandising and more opportunities for Cryppo holders only.

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Who is Cryppo?

Cryppo is an adventurous hippopotamus (Hippopotamus cryptonomus) who has survived the significant changes in the crypto since the great eruption of the Nakamoto volcano that gave birth to the great conquests and battles of the ICO era, IEO, and even the market crash, KYC and shitcoin. In his NFT Valley, he faces the biggest challenge of the NFTs and the metaverse.

Cryppo moves from database to database in search of the rarest cryptocurrencies and NFTs to collect and hold.

As a fearless researcher, he discovers the most interesting projects and previews them with his community in “Cryppo World.”

It is important to mention that this Cryppo NFT project has different partners including Zilliqa, Eidoo, Bitcoin Cash, Amazix, Algorand, and more..

We strongly believe in a sustainable future for CRYPPO and its pack, and after the sold out of the genesis collection, they will gain their CRYPPO WORLD inhabited by the first 3,777 CRYPPO’s.

The time has come to think about the governance of this world and for this, as per the roadmap, the CRYPPO DAO will be reality.

All the holders will be able to access, stake their CRYPPO’s and thus receive the $CRYPPO TOKEN, welcoming the new members of the CRYPPO FAMILY in NFTs.

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