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Swapfolio Launches Alpha Product and Portfolio Manager for Uniswap Users

Swapfolio Launches Alpha Product and Portfolio Manager for Uniswap Users

Swapfolio, a portfolio management application for Uniswap traders, has officially launched its alpha product equipped with a portfolio manager, personalized price monitoring, trading assistance, and sponsored listings. The application is one of the more popular Uniswap tools on the market, praised for its ease of use and UX.

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Swapfolio was initiated and launched during the summer decentralized finance (DeFi) boom which saw trading volume on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) surpass most top-tier centralized exchanges. Crypto users have sought after more control of their funds and resources which Swapfolio has catered to as a leading tool for DEX traders on Uniswap.

Swapfolio team member Barry Chen explains, “We are excited to launch our alpha product and share the experience with our community. We are currently running a competition with the community that will reward tokens in exchange for providing feedback on our alpha launch. We believe the best way of building a product is through a collaborative experience with our community and users who are passionate about utilizing the product features Swapfolio offers in their day to day trading experiences on Uniswap.”

Swapfolio is currently adding more features to the app and focusing on continued development, including building out a watchlist, adding functionality for additional tokens, and closing partnerships with other blockchain companies. New updates will be posted on Swapfolio’s Telegram as well as on the company’s website.

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