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Coinme Unveils Seamless Cash-to-Crypto Experience, Adds $60k Monthly Purchasing Power

Coinme Unveils Seamless Cash-to-Crypto Experience, Adds $60k Monthly Purchasing Power

Crypto purchases from Coinstar kiosks now effortlessly and automatically load to the Coinme wallet in seconds, with no receipts required; Daily purchase limits raised to $9.5k

Coinme, a leading cryptocurrency cash exchange in the U.S., announced a new cash-to-crypto experience, enabling the automatic and near-instant fulfillment of crypto in the Coinme wallet. After crypto is purchased with cash at over 9,700 Coinstar® kiosks in 49 states, it is now automatically loaded into the Coinme wallet in seconds. Additionally, Coinme customers now have access to higher purchasing limits, with the ability to purchase up to $9,500 in crypto daily and $60,000 in crypto monthly for cash transactions*.

“We want to make the cash-to-crypto buying experience as simple as possible. Automatically loading crypto to the Coinme Wallet after purchasing it at a Coinstar kiosk makes it more streamlined than ever for both the first-time and experienced crypto user,” said Neil Bergquist, CEO and co-founder of Coinme. “Now the purchase is linked directly to the customer’s mobile phone number and loaded into their Coinme wallet all before they leave the grocery store.”

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Automated redemption simplifies the purchasing process with no receipts, eliminating concerns about it being lost or compromised**. By linking purchases directly to a mobile phone number at the kiosk, Coinme ensures a secure and convenient transaction process. Additionally, increased purchase limits allow users greater control of their transactions and the ability to turn greater amounts of cash into crypto.

A recent study by found that 28% of respondents advised they don’t invest in crypto because they don’t understand it, potentially hindering mass adoption of digital assets. Consumers need user-friendly access to crypto; the new features and limits exemplify Coinme’s dedication to innovation and security, empowering customers within the fast-changing crypto environment.

“We’re committed to providing the simplest and most convenient access to crypto in the U.S.,” said Reinan Lima, Head of Product at Coinme. “Coinme sets the standard for positive user experiences in crypto, reducing friction in access to digital assets and aligning with the industry’s trajectory towards mainstream adoption.”

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