Cryptocurrency News Launches Futures Credit Feature for Its Users

Global Crypto Exchange Launches Futures Credit Feature for its Users users can now use the digital fund loan to expand their trading capacity

Global cryptocurrency exchange,, announced the launch of its futures credit feature which enables users/investors to increase their crypto holdings without using their funds. Investors who prefer to buy and hold digital assets for an extended period can leverage the future credit feature to further capitalize on market movements. Futures are commonly associated with commodity trading, however, it is also available for multiple forms of assets.

The Futures Credit is a digital fund loan rewards to users to help users to understand the Coinstore’s Perpetual Futures Trading. Coinstore’s Futures Credit feature enables each eligible registered user to benefit from participating. To provide registered users with more opportunities for trading, is offering a one to one Futures Credit for every USDT deposited. Users will be able to reap profit while experiencing the unique contract feature of

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Commenting on the development Jennifer Lu, Cofounder at, said “We are very excited to launch the Future Credit Feature for our users across the globe as it will boost the confidence of the crypto community and will provide much needed liquidity to the crypto ecosystem in the form of a digital fund. Futures contracts were invented to reduce risk for producers, consumers, and investors. However, it is advised to trade or invest in products that you are familiar with and understand the risks associated with them.”

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Unlike spot trading where investors benefit when the price is trending upwards, future contracts and features like our Futures Credit gives traders more exposure to cryptocurrencies without the need to invest large amounts of underlying assets. Futures Credit provides opportunities for users to profit regardless of the price fluctuation of the asset. First appearance of index futures was made in India in the year 2000. Following this, individual stock futures started a few years afterwards. The higher your volume of transactions, the larger your profit margin will be.

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