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Introducing Polygon CDK With One-Click Access To Ethereum Liquidity

Open-source Polygon CDK

The open-source Polygon CDK codebase is modular. This library lets developers build ZK-powered Ethereum L2 chains or convert L1 chains to L2. All these L2s are connected to Ethereum and benefit from near-instant finality, infinite scalability, and unified liquidity.

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Chain Development Kit Polygon CDK. Polygon CDK, powered by Polygon’s industry-leading ZK-technology, is an open-source and modular codebase that anyone can use to launch an L2 chain.

Developers face distinct hurdles

Polygon 2.0 envisions a web of ZK-powered L2s that smoothly scale Ethereum on demand. Building and launching L2s is difficult. Developers face distinct hurdles with protocol-level expertise, bootstrapping sequencer(s), and other infrastructure activities.

Any Polygon CDK chain deployer will create a ZK-powered Ethereum L2. Every chain is seamlessly interoperable by connecting to a shared ZK bridge. These chains create the internet’s value layer.

Polygon CDK evolved from Supernets

Polygon CDK evolved from Supernets, which allowed projects to run sidechain-like appchain protocols. Polygon CDK simplifies appchain design and deploys interoperable, ZK-powered Ethereum L2s. CDK allows all Supernets upgrade to industry-leading Polygon ZK architecture. Polygon 2.0’s Value Layer of the Internet vision alters this, and Polygon CDK lets anybody join. Polygon CDK lets anyone seamlessly and permissionlessly integrate their chain into Polygon’s value layer.

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