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The New Wave: Decentralized Finance

Pooja Choudhary
Decentralized finance, or DeFi, is a financial terminology for blockchains that uses emerging technology to remove third parties and centralized institutions from financial transactions. The components of DeFi are stablecoins, software, and hardware that enables the development of applications and digital alternatives. The New Wave: Decentralized Finance DeFi challenges this......
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Triple 5 Announces Launch Of New Decentralized Prediction Protocol

Fintech News Desk
DeFi company Triple 5 announces the upcoming launch of its blockchain-based prediction protocol that lets users predict future value of crypto-assets. Set to launch in Q2 this year, the platform aims to enter the $4.5 billion crypto-gaming industry, as well as the $262 billion online betting market. Through the use......
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Arbitrum Launched By Nuon “flatcoin”

Fintech Staff Writer
Decentralized and overcollateralized, Nuon will go live on the leading Ethereum scaling solution, Arbitrum.The Nuon Protocol launched its mainnet for the NUON flatcoin which is the world’s first cryptocurrency linked to an unbiased cost of living index. Unique features of the Nuon Protocol will include automated security liquidity pools and......
How do smart contracts work? complete
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How Do Smart Contracts Work?

Pooja Choudhary
What Are Smart Contracts? A Smart Contract is famous as a Crypto Contract. In layman’s language, we can say it is a computerized based programming that automatically controls the transfer of digital assets between the parties subject to a few conditions. A smart contract embraces itself in the same way......
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Threshold’s tBTC Launches Minting For Only Decentralized, Permissionless, Scalable BTC Bridge to DeFi

Fintech News Desk
Threshold Network, a provider of cryptography services to unlock greater utility of digital assets, announced the launch of tBTC, the industry’s only decentralized, permissionless, and scalable Bitcoin-to-Ethereum bridge. The launch will allow users to wrap their BTC in exchange for tBTC tokens that can be deployed in the Ethereum ecosystem. tBTC’s optimistic minting model is......
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January 2023 Mosdex Updates – Crypto Arbitrage Platform Announces Various Developments To Fuel Growth

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Mosdex has been working hard to release multiple improvements to help users generate greater profits on this crypto arbitrage platform. This month’s updates involve server expansion and network upgrades, cryptocurrency support, and additional drivers. These updates will work as a 360-development tool for the platform by improving user onboarding and......
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Life DeFi Wallet Integrates Polygon Blockchain To Bring Scalable User-Friendly Decentralized Applications To Its DeFi Ecosystem

Fintech News Desk
Life DeFi Wallet, the world’s first multi-blockchain non-custodial digital wallet service that allows users to transact directly through usernames, has integrated the Polygon blockchain to bring digital assets leveraging the popular layer 2 scaling solution’s increased speed, lower fees and strong security, as well as the expansive suite of dApps......
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BTCS Announces Application For Dual Listing on ‘Upstream’

Fintech News Desk
 BTCS Inc., a blockchain technology-focused company, today announced that it has begun the application process to dual list its shares of common stock on Upstream, the trading app for digital securities and NFTs powered by Horizon Fintex (“Horizon”) and MERJ Exchange Limited (“MERJ”). BTCS has been a pioneer in the......
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Next Generation Easy-to-Use Digital Crypto Wallet Adds New Blockchain Support And Interactive Features For NFTs

Fintech News Desk
Nufinetes announced that its wallet app for blockchain-based assets has released a feature-packed update that’ll take users’ wallet experiences to new heights. With this update, iOS, Android, and desktop users can engage with NFTs directly within the app, as well as access a range of blockchain and decentralized applications (dApps).......
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Immunefi Reports $3.9Billion Of Funds Lost In Crypto In 2022

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Immunefi, the leading bug bounty and security services platform for web3, protecting over $60 billion in user funds, published its Crypto Losses in 2022 Report. The crypto industry lost $3,948,856,037 in 2022. The 5 major exploits of the year totaled $2,361,000,000 alone, accounting for 59.8% of all losses in 2022.......