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KuCoin Opens In-depth Strategic Cooperation with Dmail Network, the Next-generation Web 3.0-based Collaborative Platform

KuCoin Opens In-depth Strategic Cooperation with Dmail Network, the Next-generation Web 3.0-based Collaborative Platform.

KuCoin, a leading global cryptocurrency platform, together with its community chain KCC, KuCoin Wallet, and ecological investment and incubation platform KuCoin Labs, will open in-depth strategic cooperation with Dmail, the next-generation Web 3.0-based collaborative platform.

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As a world-renowned crypto exchange, KuCoin has been paying attention to the layout and development of the Web3 field since a long time ago. And Dmail has been focused on developing a decentralized mailbox service system that meets the core demands of next-generation Internet users and provides a safe and reliable information storage service. Ever since Dmail was founded, it has received attention from tremendous investors such as Hashkey Capital, Amino Capital, OIG VC, and so on. The cooperation between these 2 Industry giants will involve technology, ecology, and information service to provide users with a Web3-level information service experience.

Through this cooperation, Dmail will provide decentralized mailbox services based on multi-chains for KuCoin ecological users, while KuCoin and KuCoin Labs will also provide Dmail with comprehensive support in technology, marketing, ecology, etc.

In future cooperation, Dmail DApp will be embedded in KuCoin Wallet and also support KuCoin Wallet login. As a result, Dmail will support sending messages between the wallets of KCC chain users and sending messages between KCC chain users and other chains such as Ethereum/BNB Chain and even other Web2 mailboxes. In addition, in order to give back to the support of the KCC ecosystem, Dmail will airdrop NFT domain accounts exclusively for users with KuCoin Wallet and KCC users in the future.

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Johnny Lyu, KuCoin CEO, noted that this in-depth cooperation marks a big step forward for KuCoin to explore the web3 world. He added: “It is absolutely exciting to generate in-deepen cooperation with Dmail, the leader of decentralized mailboxes in Web3. Dmail’s goals and pursuits in related fields coincide with KuCoin. We have great confidence that driven by this strategic cooperation, we will bring more great achievements from decentralization and Web3 exploration to share with our users worldwide.”

James Wen, founder of Dmail said, “We are excited to enter into further partnership with KuCoin Eco as KuCoin approaches its fifth anniversary, and this is a very important partnership for both! In the future, Dmail will work together with KuCoin to promote the construction of decentralized information services in the Web3 world and build a bridge to the Web3 world for more users.”

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