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InsurTech Express Launches Web 3.0 Digital Membership Program

InsurTech Express Launches Web 3.0 Digital Membership Program

Introducing the Life Insurance industry to Web 3.0, NFT, Blockchain, Smart Contract, and Digital Assets as a gateway to exclusive insurtech rewards like discounts to software solutions.

InsurTech Express is known as a technology innovator in the Life Insurance Industry. They are announcing the launch of their new IE Digital Membership Program. InsurTech Express is the first insurtech company to offer the next generation of digital technology to the Life Insurance Industry by providing first-hand experience with Web 3.0, Blockchain, SmartContract, NFTs, and Digital Assets like cryptocurrency.

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The Web 3.0 platform can be accessed from on a PC browser or on the browser in a Digital Wallet on a smartphone. The two most popular NFT wallets, “MetaMask” and “Coinbase”, are supported. When clicking on “Become a Member”, there are step by step instructions including videos. The next step is to purchase about $15 of Polygon Matic Crypto Currency on the Polygon Network. Polygon is chosen because the network “Gas” fees are much cheaper than Ethereum for minting NFTs. The cryptocurrency is exchanged for the personal NFT. The minted NFT is a beautiful gold colored detailed InsurTech Express Membership Pass with a Crypto Coin in the middle of the card with the member’s name printed on it. It was designed by an NFT artist. A personal token Membership Card can also be seen in the largest NFT marketplace.

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The way to connect to the exclusive membership page is with the NFT (token) membership card in the digital wallet. Each member has a Dashboard where they can schedule free insurtech consulting offered by InsurTech Express and see several software discounts from industry leading solution providers like ReMark, Insurance & Financial Media Network, OneProtection, FCI Cyber, and Phonexa. Many more to come. These special offers are for InsurTech Express (IE) Members only. Members will also get discounts to industry conferences, access to insurtech eLearning videos, featured job opportunities, and other rewards.

“InsurTech Express has the largest industry network of 180,000+ Carriers, Reinsurers, Distributors, Insurance & Financial Advisors, and Solution Providers. Our objective is to educate the life insurance industry through videos and hands on experience to advance forward into the next chapter of Insurance Technology. We will continue to lead the Life Insurance industry with Blockchain and Smart Contract projects,” said Ken Leibow, CEO of InsurTech Express.

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