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Sologenic Offers New Bounty Program to Launch XRP Validators

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CoinField has introduced a new bounty program to 10 qualified developers or businesses, who launch an XRP Validator in 2020.

Built on the XRP ledger, the sole mission of Sologenic is to merge crypto-asset markets with traditional finance markets. This new ecosystem facilitates investing and trading of on-demand tokenized assets, including Stocks and ETFs, on top of the XRP Ledger. The platform is available in 193 countries across the globe.

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The Sologenic XRP bounty program will provide ten qualified developers or businesses with the funds to launch XRP Validators. The program aims to support the growth of XRP technical developments within the XRP Ledger blockchain.

This new initiative will be the first project to be funded by the SOLO Community Fund (SCF). The purpose of this SCF fund is to help build the infrastructure required for the large-scale adoption of cryptocurrencies. SCF funds decentralized community-based projects, community events, and emergencies.

To qualify for funding, applicants must be verifiable developers or companies supporting XRP. The SOLO core team will pay for six months of server costs to the maximum of $1500 USD in SOLO.

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Suitable applicants must commit for 12 months to run the validators and have the minimum required XRP Ledger specifications:

  • OS: Ubuntu 16.04+
  • CPU: Intel Xeon 3+ GHz processor with four cores and hyperthreading enabled
  • Disk: SSD (7000+ writes/second, 10,000+ reads/second)
  • RAM: For production: 32GB
  • Network: Enterprise data center network with a gigabit network interface on the host

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