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Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Cryptex Expanded the List of Countries for Cash Withdrawals

Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Cryptex Expanded the List of Countries for Cash Withdrawals

Cryptex, a fast-growing Bitcoin exchange, was designed to provide crypto owners and investors with a simple and lucrative service for exchanging their digital assets with electronic currencies that they can use in real life. Cryptex Bitcoin Exchange allows users to implement the most complicated tasks and provide users with the opportunity to become completely independent from conventional financial systems.

Cryptex added the option of cash withdrawal in three new countries: EstoniaLithuania and Latvia. The total number of locations where it is possible to get cash for cryptocurrency now includes more than 12 countries in Europe and the CIS.

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“We wanted to create a crypto exchange that values the privacy of its users. That is why we do not ask to pass KYC procedures if you wish to exchange your fiat to crypto and vice versa. But if we are talking about bank transfers, some information still has to be provided, as there is no way to avoid it in conventional financial institutions,” said Mikhail Nalilovich, the cryptocurrency platform representative. He also added that “Despite the fact that the company does not require verification to perform transactions, AML remains an integral part of our business.”

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On Cryptex online exchange, users can buy and sell Bitcoin or other main cryptocurrencies in a matter of minutes without limits and restrictions. Cash deposits and withdrawals are available along with bank transfers and electronic payment systems.

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