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Triple 5 Announces Launch Of New Decentralized Prediction Protocol

DeFi company Triple 5 announces the upcoming launch of its blockchain-based prediction protocol that lets users predict future value of crypto-assets.

Set to launch in Q2 this year, the platform aims to enter the $4.5 billion crypto-gaming industry, as well as the $262 billion online betting market.

Through the use of the platform’s governance token, T5, individuals from around the globe may have the opportunity to earn returns by accurately predicting the future prices of various crypto-assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin and more.

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Designed to simplify the prediction-making experience for users, its ecosystem will employ a proprietary Automated Market Maker and utilize smart contracts to execute the transactions in a secure, transparent and seamless manner.

Triple 5 rewards its user base and community by allocating a portion of the transactional fees to them. Specifically, for every token purchased, 5% of the transactional fee is distributed among the community in the following manner: 5 equal parts are allocated for token holders, token burning, liquidity provision, ecosystem and development team.

Tech entrepreneurs Paul Marinescu and Sabin Gozman, co-founders of Triple 5, are building a platform that lets people from all over the world take part in the growing crypto space.

“As traditional prediction markets have long been limited by geographical restrictions and regulatory challenges, introducing blockchain technology to the sector significantly expands its potential,” shared Paul Marinescu.

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According to Sabin Gozman, decentralization also fixes issues in reliability and accuracy of traditional prediction markets.

“In a decentralized prediction market, users don’t need to rely on a single central entity, as data is sourced from smart contracts and specific actions are automated by the platform,” Gozman said.

The Company is preparing for the upcoming Initial Coin Offering of the T5 Token, set to be offered during the second quarter of this year.

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