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The Kelley Group Seeks ‘Wholesaler’ Study Participants to Gauge Effect of Pandemic on Financial Services’ Asset Management Community

The Kelley Group Seeks ‘Wholesaler’ Study Participants to Gauge Effect of Pandemic on Financial Services’ Asset Management Community
The 12-Week Study Aims to Identify the Most Effective Sales Strategies for B-to-B Communication in a Virtual Hybrid Environment

The Kelley Group, a leading provider of training and coaching to the financial services industry, is calling for participants from the asset management community to take part in a study on the impact on job performance and capabilities as a result of the pandemic and to identify the best ‘new’ tactics for business-to-business sales in a hybrid business environment.

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“The asset management community, and specifically wholesalers whose livelihoods are directly tied to their ability to meet with current and prospective advisor-clients, have been at a severe disadvantage during the pandemic,” says Sarano Kelley, co-founder of The Kelley Group. “Although some financial advisors have returned to their offices, wholesalers still find face-to-face events limited and virtual communication challenging.”

The Post-Pandemic Wholesaler Study will quantify the impact of the pandemic on this line of business and test new methods for wholesalers to overcome communication obstacles to succeed in a challenging and changing environment.

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To qualify for the study, participants must currently work for an asset management firm in the role of wholesaler and in the capacity of business-to-business sales of their firms’ asset management offerings and have ten years of related experience.

“We’d like to understand better where the challenges are for this subset of the financial industry and work to overcome such challenges so that wholesalers can communicate most effectively for the business environment going forward,” said Brooke Kelley, co-founder of The Kelley Group. “While the financial industry focused on business-to-client communication, the b-to-b sales force was and continues to be, largely underserved. We believe that wholesalers provided with the right resources, training, and coaching, will experience an increase in sales. The desired result will be a natural byproduct of the new methods and strategies explored during this study.”

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