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BRD Adds Litecoin as Ideal Cryptocurrency for Payments as Wallet Users Surpass 10 Million

BRD Adds Litecoin as Ideal Cryptocurrency for Payments as Wallet Users Surpass 10 Million

Leading Crypto Wallet BRD Witnesses Significant Growth with Focus on Crypto as Payments

BRD, the most secure and first mobile cryptocurrency wallet to be in the App and Google Play stores, announced a major accomplishment as it breaks the 10 million user mark. This milestone coincides with BRD being featured as one of the first wallets supported in the latest BitPay and Verifone partnership, exposing crypto as payments to Verifone’s 46 million point-of-sale terminals, as well as BRD adding support for Litecoin, offering what the company views as the oldest and most reliable crypto for payments to its users.

The company saw exponential growth, already doubling year over year, with expectations that 2021 will be a record year for new users and mainstream adoption. Cryptocurrency for payments is still largely in demand, especially for developing countries around the world. Simple securing, buying, selling, and of course, sending and receiving, has always been BRD’s primary focus, which continues to pay off.

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“BRD’s tremendous growth to 10 million users is a milestone that reflects the industry’s core need of crypto as a global payment network,” said Adam Traidman, Co-founder and CEO of BRD. “We continue to see an increase in transacting users in India, Africa, and Latin America as people are using BRD for actual payments whether it be as compensation for remote workers or paying for goods and services. This is a key reason why we are excited to add Litecoin, a great addition as one of the oldest, most reliable options for users to use for payments.”

“It’s a big step forward for Litecoin to be supported in BRD. Combine Litecoin’s mission as the go-to option for fast and inexpensive payments with BRD’s focus on simplicity and practicality and you get something familiar and usable to the normally overwhelming crypto user experience,” said Charlie Lee, Creator of Litecoin and Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation. “BRD’s clear focus on ease of use for payments is directly aligned with Litecoin’s mission as the cryptocurrency for payments.”

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One of the biggest drivers for cryptocurrency payments is coming from emerging geographies like India, Africa, and Latin America. As a longtime tech hub, India not only uses crypto but is also developing technology to support the industry. In Latin America, cryptocurrency is helping diversify portfolios for those affected by inflation. BRD’s milestone of 10 million users demonstrates:

  • Continued support and strong interest for cryptocurrency as a preferred payment option
  • Adding Litecoin to expand options for users to choose long-term reliable projects for cheap and fast global payments
  • Adoption of BRD’s B2B product, Blockset, to further explore payment-focused, freelance payroll services, and remittance businesses, in addition to existing clientele that is financial services and banking

With this wallet update, BRD adds Litecoin support and is working closely with the Litecoin Foundation to push mainstream adoption of crypto as currency for payments. Litecoin offers faster transaction times and cheaper fees making it a versatile payment option and method of transferring value anywhere in the world. Accepted at thousands of online stores, BRD is responding to customer demand to add this cryptocurrency.

Blockset, the B2B product by BRD, is taking a more aggressive approach in helping payment-focused businesses, freelance payroll services, and remittance businesses, in addition to their core clientele which includes classic financial services and banking. Cryptocurrency as payment will play a vital role in the future of global payment as Litecoin and even Bitcoin’s Lightning Network are rapidly being adopted in places like El Salvador, where bitcoin is now legal tender.

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