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How Can Software Applications Improve Productivity for the Fintech Marketing Professionals?

Fintech Marketing Professionals?

The Intervention of Technology in the Financial Marketing and Consumer Services

Fintech marketing is a popular buzzword. It is not only raking huge investments but also employing a large number of IT and data science professionals. In the recent years, consumption trends in various markets have undergone significant changes. Mobile technology has facilitated the global consumers to embrace new consumption patterns and that could only be supported by revolutionizing supply chain deliveries. Emerging as one of the primary engines of economic growth, mobile technology is therefore the new buzz creating an immense impact on human lives across the globe. But, in reality, how has it transformed the lives of the consumers? In Fintech marketing too, mobile software applications play a very important role.

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Research conducted by reputed global firms revealed that the financial value consumers place on mobile technologies in countries like the US, India, Germany, South Korea, and China was estimated to vary between USD 700 to USD 6000 per user within a stipulated time framework. In an aggregate, the annual value associated with mobile technology consumption was estimated to be close to USD 6.4 trillion in 2021.

How can Fintech marketing teams influence the consumption trends using mobile technology?

In the present context, consumers spent much of their downtime on mobiles. Right from ordering daily supplies to consumption of food, mobile technology keeps on churning automated orders for the marketing professionals in various market segments. Market analysts pointed out pandemic’s role in stirring a paradigm shift in the Fintech market, wherein consumers had experienced a stark transition from system-based web surfing to actively participating in a digital transaction economy through web browsers, e-gaming, digital wallets, crypto banks and so on. Financial technology experts acknowledge that mobile marketing is here to stay and garner more attention with superior innovations at play.

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How can the marketing professionals benefit through mobile apps?

From CRM to customer experience management to real-time call analytics, Fintech marketing teams are doing everything possible to stay in the game. Modern-day advertising can get a host of impressions from the users through mobile web applications. Generating hot leads for the marketers the ‘mobile-first approach’ of the consumers had reflected well on the ‘mobile-only marketing strategy’ for specific categories of products. On the other hand, a mobile web network can help in automated product promotion, and this could be of immense help for marketers.  Therefore, mobile marketing can be the new buzz to create interest over any other competitive marketing strategy.

What are the most popular mobile applications that can be used by Fintech marketers?

Technology experts had disclosed that mobile applications could be of immense use while relating to social media tools to enhance product promotion. In fact, popular fintech-based mobile applications could allow marketers to schedule promotional content on various online platforms.

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Popular mobile applications used by marketing professionals across the globe include the following:

  1. Buffer: A mobile application helping the marketer to add content. The operation of such an application is being done by using a browser extension. Helping marketers to manage three social accounts at one go, it can schedule rich and versatile content to attract consumers. Payment plans of such an application vary on usage statistics.
  2. Hootsuite: Hootsuite is a popular mobile app for business managers. It helps the managers to schedule the posting of promotional content at convenience. Simultaneously, the mobile application can enable managers to implement visual planning through social media platforms. Such kind of an application is perfect to define quality consumer engagement in the long run. It enables the managers to post visually attractive contents to woo consumers.
  3. Planoly: Planoly can help in creating an engaging jpg file. This is probably the most easy-going ‘Twitter management tools’ used to benefit marketers.
  4. Tweetbot: Tweetbot is a software application- largely used by marketers for the listing of promotional channels.
How can marketers set the top Fintech marketing goal through utilizing mobile apps?

Setting marketing goals in relation to any product is a priority for the marketing managers. Hence, it is important for them to know, the consumer usage data associated with several mobile applications. However, technology experts warn that as the so-called ‘mobile marketing space’ is becoming increasingly saturated, marketing managers should be extra careful in planning online market penetration techniques. It is easier to set business goals on priority through creative ‘mobile marketing techniques’.

Mobile applications can help the marketers through managing an ‘online content ecosystem’ to inform target consumers about a product.

Technology wizards identify mobile applications to be one of the most easily available tools to be used in marketing products. Helping efficiency to build in, such applications can be extremely advantageous as they can be used to sell products within a stringent marketing budget.

A Quick look into the built-in benefits of mobile marketing applications can be noted as follows:

  1. Mobile applications reduce the time to gain a sales lead. Hot leads can be instantly converted into prospects.
  2. Mobile application facilitate sales deals within minutes.
  3. Simplification of administrative tasks remains to be a priority for managers using mobile applications to promote services
  4. Mobile applications generate a real-time tracker to review sales performance.
  5. Allows the team members to be connected at a low cost irrespective of location constraints.
  6. Assigning marketing calls can be done easily within a low budget to encourage perfect documentation of a sales transaction
  7. Adds on better flexibility to manage sales operations being done online

Technology experts had revealed that there are several advantages of using mobile marketing techniques and almost 80% of the US companies had shifted to mobile marketing techniques during post pandemic days. Engaging content is a major driver in pushing sales volumes. Such contents include videos, chats, and digitally appealing formats precisely.

Sales professionals in Fintech space acknowledge that preferred sales strategy being inducted in favor of a product, can generate high demand of customized mobile applications.  On the other hand, ‘mobile user experience’ is understood to be a key factor in determining online consumer behavior. Therefore, it is important for the marketing managers to understand the needs of the target audience before launching a product promotion campaign through online apps. Simultaneously, a lot depends on the mobile app functionality. A positive user experience can facilitate obtaining a large number of prospects in favor of a Fintech marketer.

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