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E-Commerce Mobile App Design: UX Tips And UI Inspiration

E-Commerce Mobile App Design UX Tips and UI Inspiration

None of us today are unknown of e-commerce and it’s quite impossible that you haven’t been an online purchaser ever. Although it seems quite easy to simply download an e-commerce app such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, or Best Buy there’s a lot at the backend of such technology. One such technological aspect we shall be taking up in this article is which normally helps the users for a better shopping experience. In Vogue, these E-commerce applications are designed based on UI and UX. In this article, we shall be throwing some light on this, but let’s first take a snapshot of what is UI/UX.

What Is UI/UX?

UX stands for “user experience” which encompasses the end user’s interaction with a product; In contrast, UI stands for “user interface” design which is a bit more technical and needs a good knowledge of whole and sole data set and interface code.

Below is a few E-Commerce Mobile App Design in context to UX Tips and UI Inspiration that helps outright.

Begin With Strong UX Concepts And Appropriate Interface

A well-to-do eCommerce UX design development process is filled with relevant UI that fulfills the design with the right colors, elements, shapes, etc.

Color scheme combinations consistency  

The user’s engagement and conversions depend highly on color choice and combinations. One must ensure that the app color combination matches on different screens. But what about drop-shadows and their gradients, but overusing them in your UI/UX might look out of place?

Thumb-Friendly Screen For UX/UI Design  

While designing a mobile app for e-commerce, one must consider the foremost fact of the Mobile Interface such that it must be in a thumb-friendly zone. This means it is a space on the screen where a user can easily reach with his thumb while holding his smartphone with the same hand to make on-screen click buttons easily which shall guarantee a better user experience.

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Alignment Of Product Architecture

 For a minimalist aesthetic user-centered experience the product architecture is aligned with layouts, navigation, shapes grouping, and designing patterns for filtering and searching.

The 3-Tap Rule  

It should be a rule that the consumers should be only 3 clicks far from the purchase by developing the app UX to ensure that it shouldn’t take more than 3 taps.

Screen Size For Readability

When it comes to mobile eCommerce the small screen size of mobile is always a challenge because it creates stress that a small screen proffers.

Achieve The Perfect UX  

Without a robust UI, one cannot get a perfect UX, especially when in the retail app design UI and UX are interconnected. For example – an e-commerce UX of navigation since the mobile users doesn’t have a mouse for desired navigation.

Easy UX Of Users

An easy UX for users’ accounts provides functionality such as availability to change delivery frequency, alter membership options, switch razors, alter products, track orders, etc.

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Exceptional UX For Search Results  

Approximately 40% of customers use AI-based assistants to search for a required product. Voice recognition technology like Amazon Alexa provides users with answers to voice searches.

E-commerce Filtering

Horizontal filtering has become quite famous for the last time for e-commerce apps as it’s more human-centered and flexible. This type of filtering allows the user to use the full-screen width and view filters while scrolling.

Product Image Zooming  

Over 40% of eCommerce mobile applications do not support zooming gestures which customers generally search for to make conclusive decisions as to purchase or not.

Wish List Features  

To make the customers’ shop UX uninterrupted the wishlist feature or the save option is mandatory. Additionally, emails notification or push notifications can also be enabled for unfinished purchases or in-cart items.

Simplified Payment Process UX  

Options like using Google or Apple pay would improve the client experience. The checkout flow and e-commerce payment process need to be made simple with the final amount being reflected on the screen otherwise the customers can be lost right before they buy.

Implementing Navigational UX  

With map integration and GPS new features, users can find local stores. Also, the Floorwatch app can be implemented with features like listing locations with details such as store address and hours.

VR-based Shopping UX  

Such innovations which would satisfy consumers’ needs will thereafter minimize the number of users visiting offline stores since everything they require is available online with all high-tech features and with at-home comfort at a single click.

Reviews Features  

Features such as ratings, reviews, and marks fulfill the entire e-commerce UX to simplify the customer’s journey for their buying decision.

Increase Users Engagement

Providing personalized user experience whether it is in design or content, will raise all app’s engagement metrics. For example, the DSC app has been designed to keep clients engaged with features such as Original Content, Handsome discounts, Gift Cards, etc.

Valuing Brand Names

Once the user starts feeling comfortable with the e-commerce application, he will want to visit the same site, again and again, to experience the same comfort and stay hassle-free. They can even recommend your app to their other friends and relatives.


The design of an eCommerce application solution sounds quite challenging along with the consumption of time. But in the end, one needs to decide on the business model that they want to work on and thereafter thoroughly choose the project technology and its features so that it turns out to be user-friendly.

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