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Matrixport is Gaining Traction in Russian Market

Digital Asset Financial Service Platform, Matrixport, opens up in Russia

Digital Asset Financial Service Platform, Matrixport, opens up new markets in Russia.

The one-stop digital asset financial service platform, Matrixport, has officially launched their localized Russian website and mobile app. In addition, Matrixport has expanded their efforts in the area by hiring Russian representatives to fully explore the Russian digital asset market.

Matrixport was founded in February 2019, and received investment by Jihan Wu, Chairman and CEO of Bitmain. The company is headquartered in Singapore with rich industry resources and leading technical talent. Matrixport provides users with safe, professional, compliant and transparent services such as digital asset transaction, loan, custody and payment.

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Up until now, the digital asset trading service is still one of the most eye-catching businesses of Matrixport, covering business-focused users such as blockchain projects and institutional funds, and consumer-focused users such as cryptocurrency miners and high net worth individuals. The Matrixport APP dual currency investment uses “linked price” judgment settlement different from the traditional form of digital currency investment to mitigate risk and obtain a higher annual return rate than other products.

With the increase of cryptocurrency adoption, the investment pool for passive cold digital assets is surging. On the other front, the demand for fiat from miners, hedge funds, trading companies and individuals is growing. The digital currency lending business emerges at a historic moment, showing a strong growth momentum in the second half of 2019. Matrixport not only provides general pledge lending services to the market, but also can obtain zero-interest loans through pledged BTC. It does not need to add collateral, and it will never break out.

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Matrixport has been online for less than a year and has already handled over $500 million dollars of cryptocurrency spot transactions, and provided about $100 million dollars high-quality loans to users with the cumulative custody value of digital assets exceeding $500 million dollars.

In terms of digital asset custody, Matrixport uses Cactus Custodial, the trusteeship agency which is secure and compliant, holds the TCSP license of Hong Kong trust company and can provide customers with different scales and business scenarios that allow rich, flexible and configurable functional modules.

Opening up the Russian market at this time is an exploratory attempt at Matrixport’s business in addition to English and Chinese regions and a key step to open up new possibilities for Matrixport’s growing industry.

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