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Daily Fintech Series Roundup: Top Fintech News, Analytics and Insights 22 February

Daily Fintech Series Roundup: Top Fintech News, Analytics and Insights 1st March 2023

FTS Daily Roundup starts today! We are covering the top updates from around the world. The updates will feature state-of-the-art capabilities in Fintech insights, Trending fintech news, Crypto, Fintech SaaS, Fintech Cloud, Analytics and AI ML. We will cover the role of FTS Daily Roundup and its application in various industries and daily.

Talenom Acquires The Swedish Accounting Firm Easycount Ab

Talenom Plc has agreed to acquire the entire share capital of Easycount Ab, which operates in Norrköping, Sweden. The company will be transferred to Talenom on 20 February 2023. Easycount Ab provides accounting, payroll and advisory services mainly to local SMEs.

Trailblazing Urbit Startup Makes Earth Shaking Acquisition

Earlier this month, Holium Corporation the developers of Realm, announced the acquisition of Third Earth, an Urbit hosting platform. After just one short year in operation, Holium is nearing the official launch date of Realm, a full-service operating system designed for the future of computing. While currently in Alpha stage, Realm has over 5,000 users on their waitlist eager to be granted access and begin utilizing the feature set. The official launch is slated for Summer 2023 with an aggressive development cycle currently underway. Having raised $2.9M in seed funding, Holium deployed resources to build integrated apps such as a crypto wallet, a video conferencing platform, and collaborative document creation. To date, 10 Urbit apps have been pushed live by the Holium team with more on the near horizon including a group messenger for mobile.

Looking Glass Labs Sets Launch Date for Beta Release of Pocket Dimension Metaverse Assets

Looking Glass Labs Ltd, a leading Web3 platform specializing in immersive metaverse environments, play-to-earn tokenization and blockchain monetization strategies, announces that it has scheduled the launch date for the beta release (the “Beta Release”) of its Pocket Dimension (“PD”) (collectively, “PD Beta”) metaverse offering for February 21, 2023 (the “Launch”). PD Beta was developed in association with LGL’s partner, Starloop Studios (“Starloop”), and is set to be released to all current holders of the digital assets on a simultaneous basis.

Kristof Schöffling’s Move Digital Commits Entire Resources to Metaverse and GameFi Development

Move Digital is committing fully to the development and deployment of cutting-edge Metaverse and GameFi applications for the consumer market in 2023. CEO and founder of the longstanding blockchain advisory company Kristof Schöffling anticipates that we are on the brink of mainstream adoption of Metaverse gaming environments and is aligning his company’s resources to fully prepare for this inevitability.

Vulcan Blockchain’s Auto-Staking Looks to Solve SEC Issues

Vulcan blockchain has recently announced that it is in the final stages of Alpha Testnet and preparation for the launch of its innovative auto-rebasing layer 1 blockchain, which is scheduled for the second quarter of 2023. The new blockchain is designed to solve supply side issues relating to market liquidity availability and stability and looks to solve some of the regulatory issues which may well become a headache to crypto investors this year.

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