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PayQuick, Leading International Digital Money Transfer Service Chooses iDenfy for Identity Check


iDenfy to provide biometric facial recognition software for PayQuick to reduce the risk of fraud

In its quest to become a leading international digital money transfer facilitator, PayQuik has partnered with IDenfy. PayQuik seeks to bring International Money Transfer Services to companies and individuals utilizing the power of modern technology. The Mission of PayQuik is to provide, low cost, secure, speedy money transfers through a simple easy to use secure platform. To fulfil its commitment to reliable, safe international money transfers, PayQuik has partnered with IDenfy, an identity verification company.

IDenfy, a Fin-Tech service provider based in Lithuanian, provides identity verification services for online financial transactions using a combination of AI facial recognition protocols along with proprietary digital interfaces. Working in conjunction with its triplicate facial recognition systems, the iDenfy verification system provides crosschecks of document verification databases in hundreds of countries.

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IDenfy will also provide PayQuik with its innovative concurrent anti-fraud systems which instantly check Interpol and other international and law enforcement databases for nefarious activity. IDenfy offers the protection of 24/7 human supervision to immediately act upon specific suspicious money laundering activity warnings and alarms triggered by its digitally implemented algorithms.

Domantas Ciulde, the CEO of IDenfy welcomed the PayQuik partnership. “We are excited to partner with PayQuick as they embark on providing low fee digital international money transfer services to underserved countries. IDenfy will provide PayQuick with our AI facial recognition identity services as well as the necessary protections against fraud along with statutory money laundering compliance.”

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In solidifying its partnership with iDenfy, the founders of PayQuik seek to ensure its clients that it is ready to provide a full service trusted international money transfer platform. The branded AI facial recognition by iDenfy allows clients to verify their identity utilizing any device with camera ready capabilities.

CEO of PayQuick M. Samantar says, PayQuik was started by a group of dedicated entrepreneurs with extensive money transfer experience. After spending over 20 years working at traditional money transfer companies we saw a lot of problems – to put it simply, the majority of money transfer companies have not moved with modern technology and consumer habits. We knew we could do better and so PayQuik was born.

Together PayQuik and iDenfy will allow individuals, companies, and organizations the ability to perform quick, easy reliable financial transactions using traceable modern technology.

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