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Tickeron’s Marketplace Launches Market Neutral Robots for Hedge Funds

Tickeron’s Marketplace Launches Market Neutral Robots for Hedge Funds

Tickeron, the quant-sourced marketplace for AI stock trading tools, adds a new feature to be used by active traders and hedge funds.

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“AI Robots” are automated trading tools where AI makes trades based on several neural networks. A user can see live how AI Robots select equities, enter and exit in paper trades which a live simulation of a brokerage account.

Tickeron revealed several Market Neutral Robots, called Pair Traders. Pair Traders generate profit with minimum risk by trading sets of pairs which are highly correlated stocks. At times, market variations create a situation where the interval between the prices of two stocks is more significant than usual (i.e., extreme). At this moment, Pair Traders generate two signals: one to buy and another for short sell, which create a market-neutral pair of stocks. The implied profit is equivalent to the difference between extreme and usual intervals. In addition, the Pair Traders generate two other signals to close both positions as soon as the distance between the two stocks reverts to normal again.

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“Tickeron continues to develop the variation of AI engines for its AI Robot lineup: Day Traders, Swing Traders, Crypto Traders, FOREX Traders, and many others. Market Neutral trading methodology is well-understood by hedge funds. We’ve simplified the process of selecting pair trades in ways hedge funds can subscribe for them.”

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