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TransMedia Group Ensures Media Will Learn About ‘Living Benefits’ in Insurance Five Rings Financial’s Agents Provide

TransMedia Group Ensures Media Will Learn About 'Living Benefits' in Insurance Five Rings Financial's Agents Provide

TransMedia Group to represent Five Rings Financial’s Brazillian agency, also known in Florida as “Brazillionaires,” providing thousands of families in several states with income protection in the event of serious illnesses with insurance policies containing “living benefits.”

“When Gustavo & Marina Couto launched the Brazillionaires agency in 2014, one of the arms of Five Rings Financial founded by Mike Wilk in 2004, the initial purpose was to transform Brazilians into the most financially successful immigrants in the United States and they succeeded,” said TransMedia Group president Adrienne Mazzone.

“Our publicity will show how they saw other communities of immigrants could learn to be successful financial services agents marketing a unique form of life insurance and retirement strategies offered by several major insurance companies that Five Rings Financial skillfully represents.”

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TransMedia said its publicity will show how the Brazillionaires protect people from what can be the devastating consequences of sickness and serious injury from accidents as well as planning for their retirement with safe accumulation money savings strategies that are geared to create streams of guaranteed tax-free income for retirement.

TransMedia plans to inform media how Brazillionaires keeps over 20,000 families protected with life insurance policies, some of which have paid over $12 million in living benefits, while its more than 700 licensed agents have earned over $33 million in well-deserved commissions.

TransMedia said it will show the companies Five Rings Financial/Brazillionaires represent have products with the Accelerated Benefits Riders allowing the insured to access all or part of their death benefit in the event of a qualifying terminal illness, chronic illness, critical illness or injury.

TransMedia plans to make families with touching success stories available for media interviews.

Such accounts include a 29-year-old woman in good health suddenly diagnosed with cancer requiring many months treatment. As business owner’s, she and her husband were unable to focus their attention on the business, thanks to the Brazillionaire’s work, she was able to use her $500,000 death benefit plan to receive $280,000 tax free, reducing her worry and stress, while keeping her and her husband and their five children on track paying the bills, car payments, mortgage, groceries, etc.

“Media are going to love to talk to such a colorful Brazilian couple as Gustavo and Marina about their success in founding Brazillionaires after coming to America,” said Mazzone.

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