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DeFiScale’s Finbet Token Listed on Uniswap

DeFiScale's Finbet Token Listed on Uniswap

CFB token of FinBet, developed by DeFiScale, an operator of entertainment service in crypto, started its presence on Uniswap on June 30, 2021. Trading opened from 0.031 USDT and at midnight UTC the token price reached 0,035871 USDT.

Listing on the exchange precedes the upcoming commercial launch of the FinBet financial betting platform.

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Uniswap is the leader among decentralized exchanges (DEX) which operate on an automated market maker model. That means that while investors trade digital assets on the platform, there is no order book where one trader’s order is matched with someone else’s. Instead, each trade is processed against a liquidity pool consisting of other users deposited funds. Those pools are filled with other users’ funds.

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The debut of CFB on Uniswap takes place during an ongoing surge of trading volumes of the DEX sector. They reached S360B in Q1 2021, almost 12% more than in the same period last year. Uniswap, where CFB can be traded now, accounts for 40% of that volume.

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