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Wireless 20/20 Announces Wiroi Db Geospatial SAAS Platform To Support Broadband Infrastructure Investments

Wireless 20/20 Announces Wiroi Db Geospatial SAAS Platform To Support Broadband Infrastructure Investments

Wireless 20/20, LLC ,a broadband network consulting group and developer of the industry-leading WiROI Broadband Networks Business Case Analysis Tools, announced the introduction of their WiROI db Geospatial SaaS Platform, a new portfolio of software tools to help operators and their investors select the best places to deploy fiber and wireless broadband networks. The new tools and consulting services will help clients identify unserved areas, calculate the cost to deploy fiber and wireless broadband, and quickly perform ROI analyses on thousands of clusters and millions of locations using AI and big data analytics.

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The historic $1 Trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act was recently signed into law and includes $65 billion in funding for the “Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment” (BEAD) program. About $45 billion of that $65 billion will flow through the NTIA for broadband infrastructure projects around the country.

“Several broadband operator clients already rely on the Wireless 20/20 WiROI db 2.0 database and mapping tools to identify the best places to build networks and prepare grant applications,” said Haig Sarkissian, Co-Founder and Principal Consultant of Wireless 20/20. “WiROI db 2.0 enables operators to identify uncabled dwellings in targeted expansion areas within or around the broadband provider’s current footprint using highly accurate location data, AI algorithms, and mapping services.”

Wireless 20/20 offers solutions for service providers that enable optimization of network evolution planning to automate, simplify, and streamline broadband network coverage expansion. Once the targeted areas are determined, the service identifies the available technology options, cost tradeoffs, and available subsidies. The resulting data feeds into Wireless 20/20’s WiROI business case analysis and network planning tools to help them make investment decisions. These comprehensive business case analysis and mapping tools help operators prepare grant applications and prioritize their network buildouts.

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“The WiROI db 2.0 combines the full FCC 477 dataset with an extensive US address location database in an easy to use software package, giving our clients the ability to identify, search, filter, sort, connect locations and extract maps and data for use in grant applications,” said Fred Campbell, Senior Consultant and Chief Regulatory Advisor at Wireless 20/20.

The WiROI db Geospatial SaaS Platform and consulting services include:

  • Access to the WiROI db SQL database
  • FCC 477 and FCC tower data
  • US Census Bureau data
  • US geolocation data
  • Uncabled dwelling determination algorithms
  • Grid and cluster analysis
  • Optimized fiber path calculations
  • Aerial/Underground fiber determination
  • ROI Analysis

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