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Digipad Ecosystem – Safer Crypto Investment Ecosystem

Digipad Ecosystem - Safer Crypto Investment Ecosystem

Digipad is a private investment launchpad for global crypto investors, ventures & startups. We are committed to create safer investment zone for private investors & onboarding the best crypto startups for our ecosystem users. Digipad will assist crypto startups and businesses in raising capital by hosting private sales. Digipad ecosystem have already developed most of their unique DApss to provide one stop solution from their investment ecosystem.

Digipad Ecosystem Live Dapps:

Private Sale Launchpad: Digipad investors will get plenty of benefits by using the platform. Our priority is to create safer investment zone for private investors & onboarding the best crypto startups for Digipad ecosystem users. With the mixture of best technology and investment safety Digipad going to be one of the best crypto based private investment platform.

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Staking: Digipad will enable token holders to stake their tokens in our staking pool. Token holders can earn APY Upto 120% using our staking system. Digipad have allocation of 30% tokens for the staking pool, and staking tokens will also be generated from the Digipad token buy-sell tax to keep the staking pool alive. In the beginning, it will only allow staking for native token, but later on, other startups will be able to launch their staking pool on the ecosystem.

Digiswap: Digipad ecosystem users will be able to easily exchange their tokens for a low fee by using Digiswap. Their objective is to provide all safer services to users of their ecosystem from a single platform.

Token Locker: Digipad offers free and secure token locking service to global crypto startups, investors and smart contract owners. Token contract owners and holders will be able to lock their token for a set period of time. Token locker will display all live data and allow locked token owners to safely reclaim their tokens.

Digipad Insurance Fund (DIF): Digipad Insurance Fund (DIF), will provide an additional layer of investment security to Digipad private investors. The Digipad Insurance Fund (DIF) will be backed by DFF (Digipad Foundation Fund) investors and generated revenue from our ecosystem. DIF will be used to give our investors compensation on private launchpad by following their Anti rug pull policy.

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Digipad Foundation Fund (DFF): The reserver, Digipad Foundation Fund (DFF), will power the entire ecosystem. DFF will be funded through private investment, ecosystem revenue, and token buy-sell tax. Global crypto companies, startups, and private investors can invest in the Digipad ecosystem via the DFF fund reserver and get profits from ecosystem revenue. DFF investors will receive 40% of the revenue, and their monthly profits will be added to their investment panel. Investors will be able to withdraw their funds in accordance with the DFF investment policy.

Digipad (DGP) is a Binance smart chain Bep20 token that is solely focused on providing holders with long-term holding benefits through staking, investment opportunity in their foundation and real use case for the entire ecosystem.

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