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Juniper Square Launches Institutional Reporting, a Revolutionary Investment Data Network

Juniper Square Launches Institutional Reporting, a Revolutionary Investment Data Network

Game-changing solution streamlines institutional investor reporting with a centralized record of performance and asset data that GPs manage and control

Juniper Square, the leading provider of investment management solutions for commercial real estate (CRE), today announced the launch of Institutional Reporting, the industry’s first networked reporting system designed to unite institutional LPs and GPs around a shared set of partnership, performance and asset data. The solution enables GPs to efficiently service all of their LPs’ bespoke reporting needs while managing and maintaining control of their data from one centralized record.

“By integrating all investment data into one shared digital record, customized reports can be pulled instantly by LPs, saving significant time and alleviating frustrations on all sides.”

“Today, LPs are demanding a higher level of transparency and sophistication in reporting, which has put added pressure on an already time-consuming and burdensome process for GPs,” said Alex Robinson, CEO and co-founder of Juniper Square. “By integrating all investment data into one shared digital record, customized reports can be pulled instantly by LPs, saving significant time and alleviating frustrations on all sides.”

Hundreds of GPs including Beacon Capital Partners, Rockpoint Group, Waterton and 59 of the PERE top 100 already use Juniper Square Institutional Reporting, which allows some of the world’s largest LPs including Bouwinvest, Ivanhoe Cambridge, Oregon State Treasury and UPS Pension Investments to access information on their real estate holdings unavailable elsewhere.

The current reliance on individual datasets shared redundantly through a complex web of partners is leaving investors dissatisfied without enough information to empower their investment-making decisions. According to Juniper Square’s December 2020 survey1 of some of the largest institutional investors, only one in seven LPs said they receive “good data in a timely manner” on their real estate investments. More than 50% noted that it often takes three months or more for managers to provide aggregate portfolio data for the preceding quarter. Nearly 40% reported that they get much better data about their investments in other asset classes, and roughly 60% believed that the data they are getting from their real estate managers is insufficient.

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Previously, GPs and LPs managed their datasets individually. Information about a single property owned by a fund would live in hundreds of disconnected datasets across GPs, LPs and consultants, loosely stitched together by error-prone Excel spreadsheets and PDFs. To achieve a complete portfolio view, LPs and consultants would have to manually combine data from multiple sources and interpret different data definitions from each manager before the analysis could begin, often delaying key decisions.

Now, with Juniper Square Institutional Reporting, all LPs in a partnership – even those with custom and complex reporting requirements – can easily access the shared data in Juniper Square’s platform, including exporting that data for use in other systems. With direct access to custom asset and performance data from all their GPs in one place, LPs have more accurate, timely and standardized information across portfolios, making it easier for them to evaluate performance and make important investment decisions.

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“In a short period of time, Juniper Square has emerged as a clear leader in real estate reporting. It is helpful to have my portfolio in one place, with all transactions listed by manager and by entity,” said Judy McMahan, portfolio manager at UPS Pension Investments. “The time saved by not needing to go email by email to extract data allows me to focus on managing our portfolio. Additionally, Juniper Square’s team of professionals helps ensure data is being validated and accurately recorded.”

Institutional Reporting is designed to serve the needs of both GPs and LPs, with a particular focus on enabling GPs to satisfy the data needs of all LPs and consultants with a single dataset, instead of managing separate templates, reporting systems and ad-hoc requests. Juniper Square saves GPs significant time in the reporting process and offers better control over their data. Even GPs who are not using Juniper Square’s Investment Management solution only have to enter data once, and the system automatically and securely converts a single common input from GPs to a customized dataset for each of their participating LPs and consultants.

“Juniper Square has created a solution that enhances efficiency for both LPs and GPs, while supporting industry-wide efforts for transparency and consistency of data reporting across the real estate universe,” said Tanya Oblak, senior managing director, investor relations and capital raising at Rockpoint Group. “The Juniper Square team has created a technology solution that reduces the friction of information flow and expands the capabilities of our partners as they analyze their aggregate portfolio holdings.”

Joseph G. Nahas, Jr., senior vice president, institutional marketing and investor relations at Equus Capital Partners, Ltd. added, “Being a member of the Reporting Standards Council and having worked closely with the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries on various reporting matters, we’re excited to see Juniper Square pioneer a technology solution that promotes standards in the industry, streamlines data sharing and drives the industry toward greater transparency. As new members of Juniper Square Institutional Reporting, we expect this centralized data record to advance how GPs and LPs think about reporting, enabling more data requests to be satisfied with unprecedented visibility, efficiency and control.”

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