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North Rock Capital Personalizes Digital Office with Glue42

North Rock Capital Personalizes Digital Office with Glue42

Global, multi-manager firm’s blueprint for next-generation trading and portfolio management platform will see improved and simplified user experience, further priming its portfolio managers for industry renaissance

North Rock Capital, an investment management firm built upon a global multi-manager investment platform, has selected Glue42, the company that delivers integrated desktop experiences to financial institutions globally, to serve as the foundation to its next-generation trading and risk platform.

Against a backdrop of an ever-changing regulatory environment and an expected expansion, North Rock Capital is investing heavily in proprietary technology, infrastructure, and risk analytics. The latest version of Glue42 Enterprise provided the firm the enterprise desktop integration solution it needed to offer its portfolio managers a best-in-class workspace and personalized user experiences.

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Kelly Perkins, Chief Investment Officer, North Rock Capital, said, “Since we launched the North Rock platform in 2013, we’ve grown significantly and now partner with nearly 50 portfolio manager teams, each focused on a particular sector, region or industry. Attracting top-tier specialized portfolio manager talent is critical to North Rock Capital’s continued growth and ability to deliver results to our investors. By providing portfolio managers with the tools to unify their individual desktops, we can build a flexible and personalized trading and portfolio management platform to deal with market volatility and growth without downtime.”

“As we grow our portfolio, so does our need for integration of systems and processes,” he continued. “Glue42 enables us to integrate our proprietary applications and algorithms with newly acquired web applications without the need to discard existing technology investments. As such they will serve as the foundation to our technical blueprint and drive its success.”

North Rock Capital is not alone in making significant technical investments. In fact, according to a Greenwich Coalition study of June this year, the average buy-side trading desk allocated 41 percent of its overall budget to technology.

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According to a recent article by the head of research and communications of AIMA, the hedge fund industry has been using technology more in the last 12 months, a usage that is expected to double over the rest of the year.

Glue42 allows developers at North Rock Capital to deploy business solutions faster, delivering a better quality of services and speeding up ongoing delivery efforts.

“The focus on desktop transformation is here to stay,” said James Wooster, COO, Glue42. “In order to offer the best experience for portfolio managers, the hedge fund industry is turning to more comprehensive solutions and process automation. By digitizing the firm’s institutional knowledge and experience, its portfolio managers will have a holistic view of multiple data sources which will drive better outcomes and provide a significant competitive advantage.”

North Rock Capital adds to Glue42’s client portfolio and helps them continue to innovate. As each firm continues to drive standards and innovate for their customers, Glue42 and North Rock Capital expect a long-term partnership.

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